Plan actions and demonstrations now for Chernobyl anniversary

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April 26, 2011, 25th Chernobyl anniversary

It’s time for groups and activists all over the world to plan protests and actions to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Each year, the French anti-nuclear network Sortir du nucleaire has issued a call to action on Chernobyl Day. In support of this call, U.S. organizations Nukewatch and the Nuclear Resister invite you to organize public protest and/or nonviolent direct action/civil resistance in your area, or participate in other events or actions being planned on or around April 26. It will be a day to declare, together with millions of others around the world, NO to nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear testing, uranium mining and radioactive waste and YES to a nuclear-free future!

Whatever you plan, please post your event on the international roster of actions hosted by Sortir du nucleaire, and let Nukewatch and the Nuclear Resister know what you are planning, for inclusion on websites and in media outreach. When the action is over, please post and send reports and photos.

Together let’s work for a nuclear-free future.

For more about Chernobyl:

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