Two pensioners blockade Scotland’s Faslane Trident submarine base

On the morning of June 14,  two Trident Ploughshares activists sat in the road at the North Gate of Faslane Trident Submarine base, stopping any traffic from entering the base for 15 minutes as part of the Faslane Peace Camps call for 30 Days of Action.

Joy Mitchell, 79, from Berwick on Tweed and Joan Meredith, 82, from Malpas, Cheshire have taken action against nuclear weapons many times before.

Joy Mitchell said:
“I have to come and do my small part in disrupting the immoral and illegal work that goes on in this base. ”

Joan Meredith said:
“To accuse us of Breaching the Peace when deployment of these indiscriminate weapons is allowed to continue unchallenged by the authorities is wrong.”