Pair arrested after labeling California drone base a “crime scene”

photo of Flora Rogers and Brian Terrell by Chris Nelson

from Occupy Beale Air Force Base

Occupy Beale started off a new presidential administration with a protest on Tuesday morning, January 25 at the Main Gate of California’s Beale Air Force Base, home of the Global Hawk drones. Before dawn, yellow “Crime Scene – Do not Cross” tape marked the Beale Air Force Base sign, which was also labeled with a poster stating that “Drone Warfare is a Crime.” Air Force police ignored this warning and once again arrested the wrong people, taking Flora Rogers and Brian Terrell into custody.

After a brief and cordial detention, they were released with federal trespass citations. “They say ‘if you see something, say something’ but they don’t like it when you do,” remarked Brian Terrell.

Terrell, a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence and a Catholic Worker from Iowa, is in northern California for the next two weeks speaking on “Killer Drones – Obama’s Tragic Legacy and a Blunt and Homicidal Weapon Handed to His Successor.”