Future Actions



July 13-25, 2024

From the Lakenheath Alliance for Peace, a nonviolent action group 

The US is intending to bring nuclear weapons back to the UK and base them at their largest airbase in Europe – RAF Lakenheath (but actually USAF), which is on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in the east of England. 

We need to act now to stop the US using the UK as a launch pad for their coming war with Russia. We need to stop the planes from flying out of USAF Lakenheath to take part in the current wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. 

The Lakenheath Alliance for Peace (LAP) was successfully launched on 26th March 2024 when 12 of us put up our banners at the main gate of USAF Lakenheath, walked over a white line at the main gate (into US territory, we were told by the armed US soldiers!!) demanding to deliver our letter to the commanders of the base. Squadron Leader Stewart Geary finally arrived, reading our letter https://lakenheathallianceforpeace.org.uk/2024/03/23/letter-to-base-commanders-26-03-2024/ and promising to pass it on to the two US Commanders and make sure we received a reply. Our campaign had started.

We now need to start putting real pressure on the base and show that in this era of existential climate and biodiversity crisis we cannot afford to add nuclear threats, which threaten to kill billions of people and devastate our environment.

Over 20 organisations have joined our alliance https://lakenheathallianceforpeace.org.uk/about-us/alliance-organisations/ and we are not only seeking new alliance members but more importantly asking activists to join us and start nonviolent direct actions at an international peace camp.

The peace camp will start on Saturday, 13th July in the centre of Norwich at the Town Hall and begin a walk/bike over three days to USAF Lakenheath, setting up our peace camp when we arrive on Monday 15th July. There will be inside accommodation as well as camping nearby and a continuous presence at the base throughout until the end of the camp on 25th July.

Please contact us and let us know if you can come along and support in any way possible on the walk and/or camp. You can sign up at https://lakenheathallianceforpeace.org.uk/2024/03/16/sign-up/

Angie Zelter,  info@lakenheathallianceforpeace.org.uk

Participants are asked to abide by the nonviolence guidelines that can be found at