On May 9, Helen John was arrested after she blocked the road in front of the U.S. National Security Agency Space-War Spy Base at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. She was taken into court to face four outstanding convictions, and sentenced to 17 days in jail.

A few weeks after finishing that sentence, Helen John was joined on the morning of June 19 by Anne Lee and Angie Zelter at Menwith Hill, where the three women breached the new high security fence to protest the base's role in the new U.S. anti-ballistic missile system (ABM).

The women used bolt-cutters to get through the top security alarmed anti-intruder fence, which has been recently erected in advance of the new role the base will play. They were arrested and taken into custody. Lee was not charged, but John and Zelter face charges of criminal damage.

Angie Zelter said: "This base plays a key role in NATO military intelligence. Even if we get rid of Trident tomorrow, they are still planning to have new nuclear-powered weapons in space. Ballistic missile defence undermines the entire international legal order. The Americans are just running ahead without consulting anyone."