- from Adelanto

by Jackie Hudson
excerpt from Epistle 6 - Fall 2004

KPFK, an independent Pacifica Radio station out of Los Angeles, is my main source of news. They recently ran an 8 week series on prisons. The seventh in the series debunked the myth of surrounding the need for prisons. The prison system is beyond reforming. The soul of our nation demands the abolishment of this primitive enslavement of our citizens.

Recent statistics
Incarceration rates:
1950 Russia under Stalin = 1,423 per 100,000 population
2004 US under George Bush = 2,298 per 100,000 population
Increase in US prison guards: 2000 = 270,000 2004 = 476,000

Billions of dollars continue to pour into this evil system as homelessness, insufficient health care and education continue to wreak havoc on the multitudes. I recommend the web page: www.criticalresistance.org. It will put you in touch with the National Organization of Critical Resistance. Their goal is the abolition of prisons.

[Sr. Jackie Hudson is serving 30 months in federal prison for inspecting, exposing, and symbolically disarming a nuclear missile in Colorado, as part of the Sacred Earth and Space Plowshares.]

The Nuclear Resister
October 2004