Kabat Gets Four Months

For violating his probation, Fr. Carl Kabat was resentenced August 19 to four months in prison. Kabat was arrested April 9, Good Friday, at Minuteman III nuclear missile silo N-8 in northeast Colorado, and originally sentenced to community service, six months house arrest in St. Louis, and three years probation. Kabat returned to a St. Louis Catholic Worker house, but, as he had pledged, did not report to the Missouri probation office. Federal agents arrested him at the Catholic Worker house in July.

Once again in court, the Oblate priest invited Federal Magistrate Craig Shaffer and others to follow their conscience and consider the horrendous power to destroy humanity buried in missile silo N-8. Magistrate Shaffer insisted he had followed his conscience when he first sentenced Kabat to probation, but observed now that any sentence involving probation would not likely be followed. Against the prosecutor's request for six months in prison, Shaffer sentenced Kabat to only four months, and no probation. Kabat's sentence ends on November 5.

For more information, contact Bill Sulzman, Citizens for Peace in Space, POB 915, Colorado Springs, CO 80901, bsulzman@juno.com.

Letters can be addressed to Carl Kabat 03230-045, FCI Englewood, 9595 W. Quincy, Littleton, CO 80123.

The Nuclear Resister
October 2004