- Silo Pruning Hooks, etc.

Helen Woodson has been notified that she will be sentenced in federal court in Kansas City on November 5. A sentence of up to nine years in prison is expected on charges of threatening federal judges and other officials, and damaging government property. She also expects to be sentenced for probation violations dating back to her original sentence for the 1984 Silo Pruning Hooks disarmament of a Missouri nuclear missile silo. Curiously, the pre-sentencing report concludes that no restitution is warranted, because any permanent damage done when she poured red paint over security equipment at the courthouse last March 11 was in fact caused by the cleaning solvents used, and not the paint.

Woodson's action came two days following her release from federal prison, and involved letters and statements declaring that the judges who legitimize nuclear war by protecting the weapons while punishing the resisters have become part of the weapons themselves.

Letters of support may be sent to Helen Woodson 03231-045, Bates County Jail, P. O. Box 60, Butler, MO 64730.

The Nuclear Resister
October 2004