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Attorneys for the three nuns convicted of sabotaging a nuclear missile site in Colorado presented oral arguments for their appeal on October 1. One major issue is the severity of the charge compared to the nature of the protest, where only a fence was cut and damage to the silo was negligible. Bill Sulzman sat in on the brief hearing: "Judge Hartz questioned the government with ''So the fact that this was a protest case is what made it sabotage and only damage done in a protest case can rise to the level of sabotage.' The prosecutor had admitted that if a farmer had done the same amount of damage because he wanted the fence out of the way for some reason that that would not be sabotage even if the same level of security forces responded (helicopters, dozens of troops and multiple vehicles). This assertion seemed to trouble all three judges. It is impossible to know if they were only playing devil's advocate or if they really were troubled by this assertion." A decision from the 10th Circuit is expected within 2-3 months. Prison writings of the women are available at

Letters of support can be sent to Jackie Hudson 08808-039, Federal Prison Camp, Victorville, POB 5100, Adelanto, CA 92301; Carol Gilbert 10856-039, Alderson FPC, Box A, Alderson, WV 24910; and Ardeth Platte 10857-039, FPC Danbury, Pembroke Station Rt. 37, Danbury, CT 06811-0379.

The Nuclear Resister
October 2004