~ From the Irwin County Detention Center, Georgia, by Bonnie Urfer



by Bonnie Urfer

I really want to complain about every woman in this jail receiving one roll of toilet paper to last for the whole week but I can’t because the for profit jail almost killed my friend Jackie in it’s “medical” unit.

I really want to complain about the lack of toilet paper but I can’t because Doris walked around with a broken arm for a month before she was taken to the hospital to have it x-rayed and casted.

I want to complain about the toilet paper but I can’t because my friend Ardeth couldn’t eat for most of a month when she didn’t get her medication, neither did Leslie, and Misty who’s a diabetic never gets her sugar tested.

And then there’s the woman who broke her ankle and wasn’t taken to the hospital for a week, and the woman who had open heart surgery and three weeks later was dumped in here on a probation violation near the end of a 5 year term.

When really, I just want to complain because I don’t have enough toilet paper.

Bonnie is awaiting sentencing for an action on July 5, 2010 at the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex in Tennessee.