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Support the Nuclear Resister – Buy jewelry, ornaments & more made from disarmed & recycled nuclear missile systems

In addition to this beautiful filagree peace sign, there are bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ornaments, keychains in many designs* – not to mention the Beers not Bombs bottle openers and Make Wine Not War wine bottle stoppers!  (*Tree of life, peace sign, labyrinth, spiral, cross, peace lotus, Star of David, hamsa, mezuzah, St. Christopher medallion, 7 rings of peace, heiwa, infinity symbol, crescent moon and star, om symbol and much more.) 

Order now at and remember to enter the RESIST coupon code so that the Nuclear Resister gets 20% of the sale, and you get a 5% discount!

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Five reasons to go to jail like you mean it


by Nadine Bloch


I’ve had it. Enough with the phone calls, emails and Facebook entreaties for money to pay bail to get someone out of jail for their part in a civil resistance action. Let me explain why I think this is such a big problem.

I want to start by talking openly about taking responsibility for our actions. For the moment, let’s put aside the discussion about our (in)justice system generally — though there is plenty to say about the criminalization of dissent, the inequalities of society reflected in who makes up the prison population, the non-correctional nature of these institutions, the need to bear witness inside the criminal injustice complex and more. All that being the case, however, let’s focus on the potential risks and consequences of engaging in civil disobedience. Where does jail time fit as a legitimate and even critical piece of resistance campaign strategy?

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On (or after!) Election Day, please send a few dollars to keep the Nuclear Resister going


November 6, 2012

Dear friends,

Today is election day in the U.S.  But presidential elections do not distract us from the important work the Nuclear Resister continues to do year round, year after year.  We know that whoever is elected, nonviolent resistance to nuclear weapons, nuclear power and war must continue. And after watching eight such contests come and go since the Nuclear Resister began in October of 1980, we are confident that the resistance will continue.

We are also certain that publishing the newsletter and expanding our outreach via blog, email and Facebook would not be possible without your vital support! We are deeply grateful to know that we can count on the generosity of your donations to help us continue reporting on these acts of conscience and encouraging support for imprisoned activists, bringing this news of resistance to thousands of people around the world.

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