Immediate support action needed for Dr. Rafil Dhafir, Humanitarian Political Prisoner

Dr. Rafil Dhafir has been in prison for more than 17 years, is 71 years old and has multiple serious health problems. Please ask the warden at Federal Correctional Institution Allenwood Low in Pennsylvania to FREE HIM NOW!

Dr. Rafil Dhafir is an Iraqi emigre and oncologist. As a respected physician and Islamic community leader in upstate New York, he was an outspoken opponent of the 1991-2003 U.S. sanctions against Iraq. He established a charity for beleaguered Iraqis and donated over $1 million of his own earnings to their needs. 
On February 26, 2003, days before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, government agents arrested Dr. Dhafir as he drove to work, raided his home and office, and charged him with violating the economic sanctions against Iraq and money laundering. He was repeatedly denied bail, slandered by public officials as a funder of terrorists, convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison. His case is emblematic of the malicious prosecution of Muslim philanthropists and charities in the post-9/11 era. 
He has now served most of his sentence and is scheduled to be released on November 24, 2021.
Please ask the warden at Federal Correctional Institution Allenwood Low in Pennsylvania to FREE HIM NOW! See instructions below.
More information about Dr. Dhafir’s case is here: and here.
Writing to the Warden

On March 26, Attorney General William Barr sent a memo to the Director of the Bureau of Prisons, titled “Prioritization of Home Confinement As Appropriate in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”
The memo:
– acknowledges that in the present situation, “there are some at-risk inmates who are nonviolent and pose minimal likelihood of recidivism and who might be safer serving their sentences in home confinement rather than BOP facilities,”
– directs the Bureau to give priority to its “various statutory authorities to grant home confinement for inmates seeking transfer in connection with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” and
– provides a “non-exhaustive list of discretionary factors” to be considered.

When writing to the warden, please refer to these factors as they apply to Rafil Dhafir, who should be considered and granted release to home confinement because he:
– is 71 years old
– is being held at a low-security institution
– has a compromised immune system due to diabetes, complicated by hypertension and other chronic medical conditions
– has no BOP conduct violations within the last year
– can demonstrate a re-entry plan that both maximizes public safety and reduces his risk of exposure compared to continued incarceration 
– poses no danger to the community based on his crime of conviction.
Letters should be addressed to:
Warden D.K. White
Federal Correctional Complex Allenwood
Low Security Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1500
White Deer, PA 17887
or can be sent via email to ALX/
Letters may also be submitted at this page
(Select location as Allenwood Low FCI, and enter Rafil Dhafir Register Number: 11921-052 as the subject)