The Nuclear Resister needs funds – please help!

June 6, 2011

Dear friends,

From our perspective editing and publishing the Nuclear Resister for more than 30 years now, we take heart in the fact that today there are more people in prison for anti-nuclear actions than there have been for more than a decade.

Of course, we’d rather there be no reason to risk arrest and endure imprisonment. But that’s not the case.

Those of us who are paying attention are not lulled by Obama’s nuclear arms rhetoric.  We’re fully aware of the $100 billion pledged to renew the U.S. nuclear weapons production and delivery capability.  And we heard him loud and clear, under the plume of the greatest nuclear power catastrophe in history at Fukushima, when he assured the American people (and the nuclear industry) that his administration will move forward with a new generation of U.S. nuclear power plants.

But in the face of this reality, we see signs of hope.

We are heartened by the arrest of 53 Catholic Workers and friends on May 2 at the construction site of the new Kansas City nuclear weapons plant – the largest number of anti-nuclear arrests at an action in the U.S. in three years.  (The group included many first time arrestees, including former Nuclear Resister intern Allison McGillivray and her fiancé Sam Yergler.)

We are heartened by the women of Shut it Down! in Vermont who repeatedly put their bodies on the line to demand closure of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, resulting in repeated arrests.

We are heartened by thousands of Germans whose nonviolent demonstrations in the streets have compelled their government to reaffirm its formerly abandoned pledge to end that country’s nuclear power.

We are heartened by all of the people around the country and world who called and emailed the Irwin County (Georgia) Detention Center over Memorial Day weekend when Sr. Jackie Hudson was having severe chest pain, urging that she be taken to the local hospital emergency room, which finally happened after several days.  Heart problems were ruled out, and evaluation will continue. (Please sign up here if you’d like to receive word of this sort of occasional urgent support request, in addition to the monthly Nuclear Resister E-bulletin.)

We are encouraged and heartened that there have been so many new anti-nuclear and anti-war acts of resistance throughout the world in the three months since the last issue of the Nuclear Resister that we’ve now needed to publish a 12 page instead of an 8 page issue!!

Yes, we are heartened that the resistance continues – actions opposing nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and war in all its criminal manifestations.  The Nuclear Resister remains committed to chronicling this resistance, and to supporting the men and women locked up for these actions.

And we are heartened to have your support to ensure that this “chronicle of hope” and peace prisoner support network continues!

The Nuclear Resister is a small, shoestring operation – and our stubborn determination to continue this work is grounded in our trust that donations from readers who value this work will keep the Nuclear Resister going!

Can you please help?  A one time donation of any amount, large or small, will be deeply appreciated now to help the Nuclear Resister get through the summer months, when donations typically slow to a worrisome trickle.

Or perhaps you’re able to become a Friend of the Nuclear Resister, and make a monthly or quarterly pledge to ensure that this important work continues.  What a huge relief and gift it is to know there are donations we can regularly count on!

Through the regular publication of the print newsletter, sending out the monthly E-bulletin, keeping the blog updated, responding to inquiries for interviews, information and speaking engagements, directly supporting prisoners, attending demonstrations, court and gatherings as we can – and while contemplating future projects, like a book drawn from the Nuclear Resister archives- we remain grateful for your support.

Just as we remain grateful for and touched by the extended resistance community that together we are a part of – evident by the concerned calls that deluged the Irwin County Detention Center on Jackie’s behalf, the generous donations that poured in to help Helen Woodson get on her feet once she’s released from prison after 27 years, the countless letters of support written to those behind bars, and more.

Thank you for being part of this important movement – this extended community – for a peaceful and nuclear-free future.


Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa

Coordinators and editors, the Nuclear Resister

P.S.  Checks can be made payable to the Nuclear Resister. Contributions of $50 or more may be tax-deductible if made payable to the Progressive Foundation, with “Nuclear Resister” written on the memo line.  Online donations can be made via Paypal here.

P.P.S. For the post-Fukushima Chernobyl Day demonstration we helped to organize at Phoenix’s Arizona Public Service headquarters (operator of Palo Verde, Arizona’s only nuclear power plant and the country’s largest), we made a contribution to for rights to the classic “Nuclear Power? No Thanks!” logo.  Tucson’s IWW print shop, the Gloo Factory, produced a batch of beautiful signs with the logo silk-screened in three colors on durable, waterproof, corrugated white plastic, 18”x24”, perfect for use as yard signs as well as at vigils, demonstrations, public hearings and the like.  We’d be happy to send you one, complete with separate wire frame for planting in your yard, for a contribution of $20. (It’s lightweight, but because of its size, shipping is kind of expensive!)