Future Actions


October 1 – 7
Following on the successful 2021 disruption of the Land Forces weapons expo in Meanjin, Yuggera and Turrbul Country (aka Brisbane), Wage Peace – Australia will return for Disrupt Land Forces 22 (or #DLF22) from October 1 – 7. Beds are available for those who need them and a community kitchen will be at the heart of the action. Anticipated activities include “disruptive direct actions” and “sneaky inside things.”
More information and registration at disruptlandforces.org.
JUSTICE FOR OUR DESERT – Nevada Test Site & Creech Air Force Base, Nevada
October 14 – 16
Justice For Our Desert, October 14-16, is a weekend event and cultural happening in Las Vegas, at a nearby desert wildlife refuge, and with peaceful witnesses at Creech Air Force Base and line-crossing at the Nevada National Security Site, formerly the Nevada Test Site for nuclear weapons. For more information, visit nevadadesertexperience.org, phone 702-646-4814 or email info@nevadadesertexperience.org.
This event will conclude just as the October 15-22 Shut Down Creech peace camp begins. See more information below.
SHUT DOWN CREECH – Creech Air Force Base, Nevada
October 15 – 22
Shut Down Creech – Join the ongoing nonviolent resistance to the racist U.S. drone assassination program. Come for all or part of the week. If you can only come to Creech for part of the week, it’s best to come between Tuesday and Friday. Travel stipends are available. Please register here.
Contact us for any questions: www.ShutDownCreech.blogspot.com