Inside & Out

Write a note of support to these imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists. Please note any restrictions on correspondence listed below each prisoner.

Name ID# (if needed)
prison or support address
(sentence – in/out date if known)
(action & date)


Leonard Peltier 89637-132
USP Coleman I, U.S. Penitentiary, POB 1033, Coleman, FL 33521.
(Native American political prisoner framed for abetting murder while defending traditional indigenous from threats including uranium mining on sacred lands)

15-Point Font. Plain White Envelope and Paper. No Glitter. No Stickers. No Perfume. NO CARDS!!!


Daniel E. Hale 26069-075
USP Marion, U.S. Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Marion, IL  62959.
(Sentenced to 45 months on July 27, 2021; release date: 07/05/2024)
(Drone warfare whistleblower pled guilty March 31, 2021 to violation of Espionage Act)

Use plain white paper, no cards, with black or blue ink, handwritten or printed. 
You can send up to 6 pages, double-sided. Use standard size envelopes, no packages.
Use your full legal name and a physical address as the return address, not a P.O. Box.
Daniel can’t respond to group or organizational letters, only to individual persons.
Daniel may receive photos (in color) in the mail, fun memes, transcripts (such as of interesting podcasts) and printouts of news articles. He is hoping for articles you found compelling, work out routines to help pass the time, and words of affirmation!
Hand drawings are allowed, and we encourage them.
Daniel has received a generous inundation of reading materials – he sends his thanks, and asks to hold off for now unless you get a specific request from him.