British villagers block neighborhood nuke dump

A private firm’s plan to dump low-level radioactive waste in their East Midlands landfill met with nonviolent resistance on the morning of December 2. Three days before, Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers, with the backing of 98% of area residents who opposed the plan in a recent referendum, were given leave to appeal a British High Court ruling in favor of operator Augean. But the court refused to grant an order barring the waste until the appeal is concluded. Augean had earlier agreed to wait until the legal dispute was settled, but now said they’d go ahead, and could just dig it up again if the ruling was not in their favor.
About 25 people, members of Waste Watchers and Local Democracy in Action, arrived very early and blocked the landfill entrance before the workers got there. When staff arrived, police were summoned to clear the road. While some demonstrators moved to the side, four men were locked into concrete-filled barrels in front of the gate. Police spent some time breaking apart the devices before arresting the four and two other blockaders for trespassing.
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