Support needed for Sr. Megan, Michael and Greg – please donate!


from the Transform Now Plowshares Support Group

Three peacemakers are in prison.
How can I help?
Where can I send money?

Donations can be made through Nukewatch by scrolling down to the Donate button. After entering a Paypal account or credit card number, proceed to the review page, click a link, and indicate that the donation is for TNP.

OR, mail a check, TNP on the memo line, to: Catholic Worker, PO Box 29179, Washington, DC 20017. 

Funds will be used to support Greg, Mike, and Megan with commissary accounts for phone calls and modest personal needs and, also, toward assisting with expenses for their family members to visit when the three are finally assigned to their federal abodes.

Citizens not necessarily tuned into nuclear issues are incensed to learn that three non-violent, courageous people, who dared to expose a U.S. Department of Energy facility processing uranium for use in weapons of mass destruction, have been sentenced to federal prison.

Thanks from the TNP Support Group for not waiting to be asked!

By donating, you become part of this transformative and historic undertaking. You can help others to heed reasonable warnings that nuclear armament is endangering humanity.

That, after all, is what TNP is all about.