~ from FCI McKean, by Michael Walli

Fighting the Dragon

A poem by Michael Walli

Part One – George
1. George fighteth the dragon
2. Whilst astride a high horse
3. From dizzying heights
4. With a 10’ pole
5.George hath 50 to take precedence over
6. He fiddleth with the monarchy
7. He stumbleth to an empty page

Part Two – Michael
8. Michael – a pedestrian
9. Grounded in truth
10. Fighteth the mystical beast
11. With the sword of the Spirit
12. And with the scales of justice
13. Rising in the Bread in the Household of God
14. In the Mystical Body with redemptive purpose
15. Michael hath 51 to command his own
16. He pricketh the long tail and lies
17. Of the devil and original sin
18. Who no longer lived with 52
19. He protecteth Jesus Kingdom

Part Three – Jesus
20. Jesus hath a full deck
21. He hath all the aces and full dominion
22. He instructeth in the ways of justice
23. He owneth all the marbles He loseth none
24. He maketh all things new
25. He layeth His cards upon the table
26. He gambleth not He hath no golf clubs
27. He spilleth beans He bloweth whistles
28. He manureth the earth with truth
29. He weigheth words He judgeth deeds
30. He inspireth the teachings of the Church
31. He hateth the misuse of the name of religion
32. He chastiseth those He loves He surveyeth hearts
33. He smileth upon New Testament practitioners
34. He hateth abortion armaments and pornography
35. he hath no pit bulls He promoteth public safety
36. He accepteth famine relief He advocateth for the poor
37. He expecteth more from those to whom more has been given
38. He receiveth prison visitation
39. He hath no hand gun
40. He accepteth health care clean water proper housing
41. He giveth health care clean water proper housing
43. He respecteth human rights
44. He opposeth torture
45. He rejecteth human rights violative communications
46. He promoteth universal satisfaction of all human rights needs
47. He applauds Amnesty International
48. He loveth the Family of Man
49. He opposeth slavery
50. He yearneth and demandeth
51. That all might have life
52. And have it more abundantly
53. He canoniseth Archbishop Romero
54. He inspireth religious vocations and holy living
55. He burneth with rage
56. For the servants of mammon
57. He maketh a preferential
58. Option for the poor
59. He overcometh the corporate beast
60. He submiteth to close scrutiny
61. He hath no blind trust
62. He serveth the common good
63. He rejecteth ill gotten gain
64. He opposeth the Culture of Death
65. The System of Antichrist
66. And the Filthy Rotten System
67. He demandeth no usury
68. For money lent or from famine lands
69. He watcheth babies He useth no war toys
70. He protecteth and supporteth His Church
71. He reneweth the Church He reformeth the Jesuits
72. He loveth Pope Francis and cureth Church cancer
73. He protecteth transmigrants
74. He furnisheth food, options and agenda
75. In which all might happily indulge
76. He traveleth a narrow lane in higher gear
77. The Way and the Doctrine of the Cross
78. He feathereth not His own nest
79. He fluffeth not His pillow
80. He sendeth the Holy Spirit to renew the earth
81. He hateth dictatorships He loveth democracy
82. He maketh peace The bow He breaketh
83. The spear He snapeth He hateth violence
84. He disarmeth the earth He scorneth vulgarity
85. He vindicateth His Prophets He helpeth His Saints
86. He inspireth true science He stifleth fiction
87. He hath no history degree He curateth no museum
88. He maketh all things new He gathereth no dust
89. He listeneth to Miriam He heareth prayer
90. He promoteth self sacrificial giving and living
91. Jesus playeth no games He avoideth trivia
92. He planteth trust He assaulteth ambiguity
93. He profiteth not from unseemly commerce
94. He picketh no scab He putteth evil doings into disremembrance
95. He supporteth the missions He knoweth all
96. He spawneth unity and focus and clarity
97. He ushereth in the Reign of Truth and the Age of Mary
98. He transformeth the world He warreth in households
99. 2 against 3 3 against 2 He advocateth sound doctrine
100. He oposeth false doctrine He taketh no drink
101. He telleth no lies He speaketh Truth
102. He authoreth no confusion He fostereth orthodoxy
103. He preacheth forgiveness He weareth a seamless garment
104. His bride approacheth in a seamless garment
105. He safeguardeth His Ecosystem He wasteth not
106. He opposeth the Crucifixion of His Biosystem
107. He weighteth motives He searcheth hearts
108. He defineth peace as the presence of justice
109. he liveth equity He knoweth His own
110. He abhoreth the superfluous consumption of resources
111. He driveth cars He steereth ships He piloteth planes
112. He doeth charity He receiveth charity
113. He doeth philanthropy He receiveth philanthropy
114. He giveth hitchhikers a lift He promoteth mass transit
115. he putteth Himself at risk He maketh Himself vulnerable
116. He proveth His arguments He owneth the earth
117. The fullness and oilfields thereof
118. He and Mary ruleth the earth
119. Himself He contradicteth not
120. He classifieth no documents
121. He progresseth always forward
122. He writeth no documents
123. He dispenseth transparent apples of wisdom
124. He supporteth Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations
125. He respecteth international law
126. He helpeth to enforce international law
127. He complieth with international law
128. He extendeth the Sacraments
129. He thaweth the frozen trundra
130. He straighteneth the drunken forest
131. He raiseth evergreens He respecteth sincerity
132. He regulateth Old Faithful He conducteth no opinion poll
133. he receiveth all glorying He exploiteth not the poor
134. He comforeth the afflicted He afflicteth the comfortable
135. He smoketh not He cometh on the clouds of Heaven
136. He buildeth no war memorials He bringeth healing
137. He foundeth no dynasties He reneweth His Church
138. He reenacteth no battles save Calvary
139. He blesseth peacemakers He stopeth warmakeing
140. He endeth alienation He bringeth reconciliation
141. He shunneth stretch limousines
142. He dyeth not His hair blue
143. He disputeth American exceptionalism
144. He keepeth things real He safeguardeth innocence
145. He dehypheneth names He correcteth offenders
146. He welcometh the repentant
147. He commandeth joy He banisheth sorrow
148. He maketh the last cut of Hollywood
149. He commandeth proper governance
150. And the rule of law He overcometh nationalism
151. He opposeth anarchy He defeateth racism He useth no coffin
152. He waiteth at the end zone He presideth at court
153. He hath all evidence and misseth no witnesses
154. Jesus Mystical Body slayeth the dragon
155. Jesus hath 7 billion plus with one will
156. To be all in all for all
157. Unto the Glory of the Father of All