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Hundreds demonstrate and blockade German nuclear power plant

from the Nuclear Heritage Network:

Several hundreds of people protested today, Sunday October 2, 2011 in Grohnde (Lower Saxony). After a demonstration the access roads to the NPP are blockaded by climbing activists who abseiled from a highway bridge. They are supported by some 50 activists blockading the road and an operating track with a sit-in. A second access road is blocked by an announced and permitted anti-nuclear concert in front of the atomic power station. Though police new about the action day, they could not prevent the blockades.

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More Jeju naval base resisters jailed

Fr. Moon Jung-Hyun (white beard) and Br. Park Do-Hyon, SJ, (yellow shirt), under arrest.

According to the latest update at, “Eleven South Korean college students have been beaten and arrested by naval soldiers and police while trying to visit Gureombi Rock”, the landmark site of the strategically provocative Navy base under construction at Gaengjong village on Jeju, South Korea’s Peace Island. “Fifteen people are now in custody. Secret police involvement in surveillance, arrests and brutality have been reported.”

Seven of the fifteen people have been in jail since August 24 or September 2, charged with violating posted orders not to obstruct the commerce of the private construction companies.  At least three dozen people were arrested during a series of massive police raids on the village and coastal peace camp on those days, which cleared the contested site for creation of a construction gate.

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Nuclear Resister #163

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