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The Nuclear Resister networks the anti-nuclear and anti-war resistance movement while acting as a clearinghouse for information about contemporary nonviolent resistance to war and the nuclear threat. Our emphasis is on support for the women and men jailed for these actions.  This blog is the online companion to the quarterly Nuclear Resister newsletter, a more comprehensive chronicle.

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Protesting U.S. supported Saudi-led war on Yemen at U.S. Mission to the U.N. leads to 15 arrests

The U.N. protest formed part of coordinated protests at Saudi Arabian consulates in several U.S. cities. The action was timed to coincide with Human Rights Day.

In New York, protesters were told to disperse by police outside the U.S. mission to the U.N. Monday, before fourteen of them are seen on Facebook live being handcuffed in zip ties and taken into custody.

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NATO summit resister Jared Chase moved to medium security

Jared Chase
photo by IDOC

Jared Chase has been transferred to the Illinois State prison in Dixon, a medium security facility where he is reported to be in general population. Please write to him at the address listed on the Inside & Out page.

Chase is one of three men framed by undercover police instigators in the lead-up to large protests at the May, 2012 NATO summit in Chicago. Oral arguments on the Nato 3 criminal appeal have been scheduled for December 12, 2017. 

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Leonard Peltier’s Thanksgiving 2017 statement and campaign update

© Leonard Peltier

The International Leonard Peltier Defense Campaign has completed its move to Tampa, Florida, closer to the current home of the Native American political prisoner. Details for contacting the new office and an update on the campaign follow this November 23 statement from Peltier:

Greetings my friends, relatives and supporters,

Once again, I can’t tell you how much I am so honored that you would want to hear my words, or should I say read my words. You can’t imagine the thoughts that go through my head at times when everything is still and quiet in the night, when I lay there staring into the dark with daydreams of how things could possibly be better.

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Greenpeace activists stage break-in at French nuclear plant, 22 arrested

Greenpeace sounds alarm on nuclear safety with new break-in

A group of Greenpeace activists broke into a French nuclear power plant on Tuesday, November 28 and scaled the walls of a building containing spent nuclear fuel to highlight security shortcomings at the facility.

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Seventeen arrested trying to enter European Defense Agency arms conference

Photo © Frederik Sadones via Vredesactie

from Vredesactie Belgium and Istopthearmstrade.eu

For the fourth year in a row, peace activists took action at a conference in Belgium of the European Defense Agency (EDA). Four hundred arms dealers, lobbyists from the arms industry and policy makers met together about the future of European defense. The conference took place behind closed doors, where critical voices may not enter. Dozens of peace activists, including a member of the European Parliament, presented themselves at the entrance to the conference on the morning of November 23. They were dragged away by the police. Seventeen peace activists were arrested. 

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Nuclear weapons convoy halted in Scotland, 3 activists arrested

Nukewatch UK photo

from Nukewatch UK
On November 16, a convoy carrying nuclear weapons was halted briefly by three members of Nukewatch UK as it left the Defence Support Group base in Stirling, near Bannockburn, in protest of the continued transport of Trident warheads on public roads and the risks that these pose to the community.

David Mackenzie, Jane Tallents and Janet Fenton safely brought the vehicles to a standstill as the convoy attempted to leave the base on their way from AWE Burghfield near Reading where warheads are assembled to RNAD Coulport near Helensburgh where the warheads are loaded onto submarines.  They were taken to a police station, charged with “obstructing the police” for not moving out of the road when asked, and later released.  The activists pointed out that they weren’t asked to leave the road, just shoved aside. 

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Anti-drone protester arrested blocking traffic into Beale Air Force Base

Occupy Beale photo

BEALE AFB/MARYSVILLE, CALIFORNIA – To draw attention to the 16th anniversary of U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, northern California anti-drone activists expanded their protest to include three major commute gates at Beale Air Force Base on October 16 and 17. October 7 marked the 16th year since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, now the longest war in U.S. history.

One activist, Toby Blomé from the San Francisco area, was arrested while blocking early morning rush hour traffic into the Marysville, California drone base on Tuesday, October 17.  She was later cited and released, and faces federal trespass charges.  Scores of activists have been arrested at anti-drone protests at Beale Air Force Base over the past several years.

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Two activists arrested after mock drone attack blocks Creech drone base entrance

JoAnn Lingle being arrested

Report Back on Codepink Drone Resistance Week, October 5-12

by Toby Blomé
Our drone resistance presence at Creech Air Force Base this year was overshadowed by the tragic Las Vegas mass shooting incident just days before our arrival, that stole the lives of 59 innocent concert goers, injured hundreds more, and left thousands of witnesses changed for life.  All week long we contemplated and discussed as a group how we could thoughtfully tie in the senseless violence of the mass shooting event with the routine, intentional and well-disguised mass violence of U.S. foreign policy that occurs daily around the planet, to which few Americans give much thought.  We came from 5 states: Indiana, California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii, plus some Las Vegas locals, and Ruben, our courageous ally, who lives in Indian Springs, across the highway from Creech Air Force Base.  This key U.S. Reaper/Predator drone base is referred to by the U.S. military as “Home of the Hunters.”  Cecile Pineda wrote an excellent blog (here) about our week at Creech and the U.S. Air Force’s great pride in calling themselves “hunters.”  Hunting People???    

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British Reverend and Quaker activist found not guilty after trying to disarm BAE fighter jets headed for Yemen

  • Daniel and Sam with their lawyer

    Sam Walton and Rev. Daniel Woodhouse have been acquitted after breaking-in to BAE Systems factory to “disarm” Typhoon fighter jets.

  • BAE’s Typhoon fighter jets are being used by Saudi-led forces in the ongoing bombardment of Yemen
  • The UK has licensed £3.8 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the bombing began in March 2015
On the afternoon of October 26, Reverend Daniel Woodhouse and Sam Walton, a Quaker activist from London, were found not guilty at Burnley Magistrates Court, following their arrest for trying to disarm Typhoon fighter jets at BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire on 29 January 2017.
 Their aim had been to stop the jets, which had Saudi markings painted on them, from going to Saudi Arabia where they would be used to support the ongoing bombing of Yemen. Sam and Daniel successfully argued that their intention was to save innocent lives and prevent war crimes, by physically disabling the warplanes.

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Greenpeace activists arrested at French nuclear power plant action

Greenpeace France photo

Greenpeace activists enter French nuclear plant and set off fireworks near spent-fuel pool to show vulnerabilities
October 13, 2017

from The Japan Times
MOSELLE, FRANCE – Greenpeace activists set off fireworks inside a nuclear plant in eastern France early Thursday after breaking into the facility to underline its vulnerability to attack.

The anti-nuclear group, known for its daring and often spectacular publicity stunts, said the fireworks were set off at the foot of a spent-fuel pool — where nuclear plants store highly radioactive fuel rods that are removed from reactors after their use.

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