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EarthCare, Not Warfare – Australians disrupt Land Forces 2022 arms expo

Police move in to arrest Ash and Claudia, who had occupied a small robot tank being towed into the exhibition centre – photo by WagePeace

by Jack Cohen-Joppa, from reports by WagePeace

A broad spectrum of Australian activists returned to Meanjin (Brisbane) during the first week of October for a Festival of Resistance and nonviolent actions to disrupt Land Forces 2022, the largest weapons expo in the Southern Hemisphere at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCC). As they had last year, organizers welcomed many diverse constituencies – radical youth, Quaker grannies, Aboriginal leaders, refugees, climate activists, veterans, a clown army, musicians and more – into the action planning.

It was a festival of ideas, story telling and culture with the voices of First Nations and West Papuan people central. The stated goal was to “disrupt, interrupt, and obfuscate [the arms dealers’] efforts to generate conflict as the by-product of profit”, the organizers invited all who shared that goal to participate and plan Festival events according to just two rules:

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Russia prosecutes activist for citing IAEA report

from the Ukraine War Environmental Consequences Work Group 

By Aleksei Ovchinnikov

Translated by Jennifer Castner

Expert anti-nuclear Russian campaigner and public figure Andrey Ozharovsky was accused in August 2022 of discrediting Russia’s state atomic energy corporation, RosAtom. An administrative legal case is being filed against him. In the meantime, Ozharovsky has repeatedly made public statements and continues to serve as a regular expert guest in mass media, including on official Russian channels.

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Three women arrested at Creech drone base 

Photo by Chris Knudson

Killer Drone Base Blockaded to Oppose Remote-Controlled Killing of Humans

from Shut Down Creech

Anti-drone activists, in Nevada for a week-long protest at a U.S. assassin drone base north of Las Vegas, continued their resistance on Wednesday morning, October 19 with a nonviolent blockade of the entrance road into Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs. After nearly 30 minutes, three protesters were arrested.

Dozens – maybe hundreds – of vehicles were stalled on the highway trying to enter the base. Protesters hope to motivate Air Force personnel involved in the U.S. drone program to follow their conscience and no longer participate.

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Three nuclear abolition activists arrested at Nevada nuclear test site

Photo by Chris Knudson

Excerpts from Nevada Desert Experience website

Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) held their Justice For Our Desert event on October 14, 15 and 16, which included peaceful witness at both Creech Air Force Base and the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly the Nevada Test Site). Creech and the NNSS are desecrations of the land, its people and other creatures in Nevada and represent a threat to all life on the planet.

Justice For Our Desert began in Las Vegas on Friday evening, October 14 with a concert, art and refreshments. On the afternoon of October 15, participants protested at the gate of Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, holding signs and banners as drone operators left the base after their shift. Creech AFB is the center of drone warfare and assassination for the U.S. military and the CIA. NDE began protesting there in 2009. 

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