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Pre-trial hearing for Nevada nuclear test site arrests

photo by Casey Carter


Many thanks for the prayers, messages of solidarity, concern and curiosity about Monday’s (April 10) pre-trial hearing in Beatty, answering to charges of trespass at the Nevada National “Security” Site, formerly the Nevada Test Site, back in October. We were good company with some of the holdovers from the Sacred Peace Walk that finished a few days before.

It was a strange morning in Beatty “Justice” Court. The only truths, even on the most mundane level, spoken there Monday morning were spoken by me and John. Likewise, while Deputy DA John Friel and Judge Gus Sullivan occasionally and vaguely referenced Nevada law, John and I seemed the only ones in the room actually familiar with or concerned about the statutes in question.

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~ from Bautzen Prison, Germany – Prison reflections by American nuclear resister Dennis DuVall

April 9, 2023 Easter Sunday To the Nuclear Resister, I’m a US citizen serving a 60-day sentence in Bautzen Prison, Germany, for protesting to stop preparations for nuclear war at Büchel NATO base in Germany. Today, Easter Sunday, I’m reflecting that nuclear weapons are an abomination to Nature, Humanity and all Creation! Nuclear weapons are […]

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Five anti-drone warfare activists arrested at Holloman Air Force Base

photo by Shirley Tung

from Shut Down Drone Warfare

Five Anti-Drone Warfare Activists – Including Three Veterans – Arrested Wednesday Morning at Main Gates of Holloman Air Force Base Drone Training Center Near Alamogordo, New Mexico

HOLLOMAN AFB, NM (Wednesday, April 19) – Five anti-drone warfare activists – including three military veterans – were arrested here shortly after dawn on Wednesday morning for allegedly blocking the entrance to the main gates of Holloman Air Force Base, site of the largest U.S. killer drone training program in the U.S. (700 killer drone pilots/operators graduate annually).

Toby Blomé, Ken Mayers, Elliot Adams, Michael Kerr and Richard Bishop were arrested by Otero County, New Mexico deputies, and charged with misdemeanor obstruction of a roadway. A trial was set for May 15 in Otero County, New Mexico.

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8 nuclear abolition activists arrested at Nevada test site on Good Friday 

photo by Theo Kayser

from Nevada Desert Experience

On Good Friday, April 7, participants in the Nevada Desert Experience’s Sacred Peace Walk engaged the Department of Energy and Nye County Sheriff’s department in dialogue and civil resistance at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly the Nevada Test Site). Eight peace walkers, calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons, were arrested, cited for trespass and released at the NNSS: Jacques Linder, Philadelphia, PA; Richard Bishop, Missoula, MT; Sylver Pondolfino, Staten Island, NY; Tessa Epstein, Salt Lake City, UT; Mark Babson, Salem, OR; George Killingsworth, Berkeley, CA; Theo Kayser, St. Louis, MO; and Catherine Hourcade, Stockton, CA. They have the option of paying a $620 fine or appearing in Justice Court in Beatty, Nevada to contest the charge.

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Four arrested after blockade of two gates at Trident nuclear base in Scotland

photo by Margaret Ferguson Burns

by Margaret Ferguson Burns

This morning, 5th April – an early start and a fine action.

Lying in a lock-on, enjoying the sounds of the gate sliding shut behind us, the warning klaxon overhead, high above the electrified, barbed wire topped main entrance to HMNB Clyde (home of the UK’s nuclear powered and armed submarines of mass destruction) – and the merry call of “Bandit Alarm; North Gate closed; traffic within the base divert to…” blaring out from the loudspeakers.

The heavy rain splashing chill on our faces in the dull coldness, and creeping through the many layers of clothing.

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Three activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base

photo by Theo Kayser

from Nevada Desert Experience

A group of 15 concerned citizens blocked the gate at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. The drone base is on the route of the week-long Sacred Peace Walk, and the peace walkers protested there to bring attention to the illegal drone assassinations conducted by the Air Force and the CIA and possibly other governmental agencies at Creech. 
Three of the activists were arrested. Loranell Breyley (from Medina, Ohio, a retired 70-year-old Lutheran Pastor) and Sylver Pondolfino (age 65 from Staten Island, New York and a member of the Church of Stop Shopping Choir) were arrested for blocking the roadway. CJ Preston (age 24 from Berkeley, California) was arrested for writing the word “drones” on a stop sign which then read “Stop Drones”. They were taken to the Clark County Detention Center.

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