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~ from Hampshire Halfway House, The World of Fascist Franchises by Martha Hennessy, June 15

The World of Fascist Franchises by Martha Hennessy   June 15, 2021 I am now three weeks into my stay here at the Manchester, New Hampshire halfway house. My home confinement is blocked because I’m labeled a violent recidivist by the federal Bureau of Prisons.  This morning I was denied my only walk outdoors because I […]

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~ from home confinement in NYC, Reflections on Release, by Carmen Trotta

Reflections on Release by Carmen Trotta June 22, 2021 My Dear Friends & Family, As many of you have probably heard, I am OUT of prison and overjoyed for it! That said, I am not, however, OUT & ABOUT. Currently, I’m on a strict home confinement. I cannot leave the apartment I’m in without the […]

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~ from FCI Elkton, Prison Reflections – “Wars for Freedom and Other Lies”, by Patrick O’Neill

Wars for Freedom and Other Lies Patrick O’Neill’s Prison Reflections (transcribed and edited by J. Mark Davidson)                                         June 17, 2021 Fully Vaccinated I just received my second and final COVID-19 vaccination shot after being here for […]

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~ from Hampshire Halfway House, The Spirit of the Law of Love by Martha Hennessy, June 1

The Spirit of the Law of Love       by Martha Hennessy June 1st, 2021  I am now part of a community, a house where I have neither met nor been introduced to anyone other than the intake lady and my case manager. I am into my 6th day of sitting in a room for […]

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“If There Are Enough Shovels to Go Around” – Surviving the Nuclear Threat

Photo by Jane Stoever, of Brian Terrell after his Memorial Day arrest (and resulting marks left by the handcuffs) at the Kansas City nuclear weapons plant

“If There Are Enough Shovels to Go Around”

Surviving the Nuclear Threat

by Brian Terrell

“Dig a hole, cover it with a couple of doors and then throw three feet of dirt on top. . . . It’s the dirt that does it. . . . . If there are enough shovels to go around, everybody’s going to make it.” This bit of cheery advice was offered by Thomas K. (“T.K.”) Jones, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Strategic and Theater Nuclear Forces in a 1982 interview with Robert Scheer of The Los Angeles Times. Jones’ assurance that a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union could be survived with a little sweat and ingenuity, allowing for two to four years recovery time, reflected the optimism of his boss, President Ronald Reagan, before Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev talked some sense into him.

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Five men arrested at Kansas City nuclear weapons plant protest

Photo of Br. Louis Rodemann, by Bennette Reed-Dibben

from PeaceWorks Kansas City

Memorial Day event: ‘We spoke truth, we cried, we witnessed, we rejoiced’

by Kristin Scheer

This Memorial Day was the first time I was able to join PeaceWorks-KC at the National Security Campus, where non-nuclear parts are made for nuclear weapons. It was our 10th annual event there. I was moved by the experience.

Jim Hannah was brilliant in reframing the facility we were about to see. In an oversized frame, he hung a flag naming the National Security Campus as it is. The very word campus, he said, conjured notions of a peaceful setting with trees and natural beauty, devoted to our nation’s security. But he contrasted that with the dangerous activity that was truly being manufactured there: the potential for planetary omnicide, he said, that leaves none of us feeling safe. Truly, they are manufacturing terror.

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