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Daniel Hale’s sentencing statement released; GoFundMe started to support him in prison – please help if you can!

photo by Bob Hayes

from Stand with Daniel Hale

Posted below is the statement read by Daniel Hale at his sentencing on July 27, 2021, written by hand in his jail cell after having pled guilty to one count under the Espionage Act of 1917, along with an article by Kevin Gosztola in the Dissenter.

Daniel’s core support team has started a GoFundMe to cover his prison expenses and create a welcome home fund to get him on his feet again upon release. Please donate if you are able! CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Daniel Hale revealed to us once hidden truths about the shameful legacy of the US drone assassination program. A legacy that continues to this day. Drone warfare not only brings terror upon the world’s poorest, least deserving people but it also invites terror upon us as a nation making everyone less safe.
As a consequence of Daniel’s courageous whistleblowing, he has been saddled with debt, left precariously employed, and now made to serve more than 3 years behind bars. With his permission, this fundraising campaign has been organized by Daniel’s support team to help alleviate the financial duress caused by a decade’s long criminal investigation, prosecution and now, incarceration.
Some of the funds raised will go towards ensuring the safe housing and care of Daniel’s beloved cat Leila. A large portion of the dollars raised will be put towards paying off Daniel’s loans and student debts. The remaining twenty amount will provide Daniel with the funds needed to make phone calls and purchase commissary items so he can stay in touch with friends and family and live more comfortably while incarcerated for the years to come. Any additional funds raised will contribute towards Daniel’s efforts to secure employment, transportation and housing when he is released in 2024.
Daniel would like to express his immense gratitude towards the outpouring of support that he has received thus far.
Daniel wishes that you only contribute if you are in a financial position to do so.
If you are on a fixed income, not fully employed, or make less than 15 dollars an hour then Daniel asks that you please save your money or consider donating to a more needy cause.
Whether you are in a financial position to donate or not, you can contribute greatly by sharing this fundraising campaign on social media platforms and telling Daniel’s story.

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