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Where We’re At; Robert Ellsberg’s 1978 court statement; Daniel Ellsberg, Presente!

Jack Cohen-Joppa, Dan Ellsberg, Nancy Doub in court for Rocky Flats protest trial, 1978

Where We’re At

from Nuclear Resister #201, June 5, 2023
The first months of 2023 have passed quickly. Lots of winter rain (and even some snow here in the Sonoran Desert!) brought an abundance of desert wildflowers. Now, the majestic saguaro cacti are in bloom, and the tree in our garden is giving us sweet, ripe and juicy peaches!
From our office at the end of April, we attended a hybrid in-person/Zoom 45th anniversary reunion gathering of the Rocky Flats Truth Force.
It was at Rocky Flats, the now-closed plutonium bomb plant outside Denver, that Jack began his anti-nuclear activism in the spring of 1978 and was arrested for the first time in June of that year. In a high-profile trial in November, 1978, Jack was one of the representative defendants along with Nancy Doub, Daniel Ellsberg, Rev. Peter Ediger, Rev. Bob Hill, Skye Kerr, Elena Klaver, Sr. Anna Koop, Roy Young and Jean Zimmerman.

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