Future Actions


March 26 – August 9  (U.S. delegation July 12-18)
Büchel air base, Germany
Nuclear abolitionists in Germany are organizing for 20 weeks of nonviolent resistance actions at Büchel air force base next year, March 26 – August 9, to demand that U.S. nuclear weapons stockpiled there be sent home, not modernized as NATO plans, and that their government support the U.N. effort to ban nuclear weapons. American abolitionists are invited to endorse the campaign and to join the demand to bring the U.S. nukes home to disarm. A delegation in formation from the United States has taken responsibility for nonviolent resistance at the base gates from July 12-18, 2017. Support actions in the United States are also invited. For more information visit buechel-atombombenfrei.de (click on International & English) and atomwaffenfrei.de. For information about joining the U.S. group, contact John LaForge at Nukewatch, nukewatch1@lakeland.ws, 715-472-4185.

April 7-13
Sacred Peace Walk, Nevada
The 2017 Sacred Peace Walk, hosted by the Nevada Desert Experience, leaves Las Vegas on Friday, April 7, concluding at the Nevada Test Site on Thursday, April 13, with an opportunity for line-crossing. The Walk will also focus on the threats of nuclear waste to the sacred Yucca Mountain. Outdoor camping and four walking days totaling about 60 miles are planned, but other accommodations can be made with advance notice. Cost per walker for meals, porta-potties and support transportation are about $200 per walker, so contributions towards this expense are appreciated from participants and sponsors. For more information and registration materials, visit nevadadesertexperience.org or call 702-646-4814.

April 14
Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, California
On Good Friday, at 6:45 AM, at the corner of South Vasco Rd. & Patterson Pass Rd. outside the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, Ecumenical Peace Institute and the Livermore Conversion Project offer a service of worship and nonviolent witness against nuclear weapons.  Fifty years after Dr. King gave his “Beyond Vietnam” speech, we ask “Where would Dr. King be today?”  We believe Dr. King’s spirit is with us at the Livermore Lab where new nuclear weapons continue to be designed, saying once again, “In a day when . . . guided ballistic missiles are carving highways of death through the stratosphere, no nation can win a war.  Today it is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence; it is either nonviolence or nonexistence.”  Our speakers at this wheelchair accessible event will be community activists Francisco and Christina Herrera.  For more information visit www.epicalc.org or call 510-990-0374.
Lockheed Martin, Pennsylvania
Brandywine Peace Community will hold their annual Good Friday Stations of Justice and Peace, including nonviolent resistance, beginning at noon on April 14 at Lockheed Martin, Mall and Goddard Boulevards in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. For more information, contact Brandywine Peace Community at 610-544-1818 or brandywine@juno.com.

April 23-29
Creech Air Force Base, Nevada
Join CodePink, Nevada Desert Experience, Veterans for Peace, Voices for Creative Nonviolence and more for the 3rd Annual SHUT DOWN CREECH Mobilization against drone warfare on April 23-29, 2017. Details TBA at shutdowncreech.blogspot.com.

May 15
Hancock Air Field, Syracuse, New York
Make plans now to join Upstate Drone Action on May 15 for a Spring Action to confront the war crimes perpetrated by Reaper drones piloted by the Air National Guard at Hancock Field near Syracuse, New York. Details TBA at upstatedroneaction.org.

May 24-25
NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium
The international No to NATO – No to War network is organizing a counter-summit to the planned NATO summit on May 24-25, in Brussels, Belgium. Read the Call to Action here. The network agrees that “The duty of the peace movement is to formulate fundamental, peaceful alternatives to the militarists and proponents of war who come either from backgrounds of neoliberal globalization or national populism.” Recognizing that this will be among the most important meetings of NATO leaders in the military alliance’s history, following the Brexit vote and a new U.S. administration, a major international demonstration is also being planned, alongside acts of civil disobedience opposing NATO. For more information, visit no-to-nato.org.

July 8-16
Coulport Disarmament Camp, Scotland
Everyone who opposes Trident and its grim replacement is invited to join Trident Ploughshares for ten days of camping, plotting and taking nonviolent direct action … the possibilities are enormous. All welcome for as little or as long as you can stay. Bring friends, make friends, and enjoy camping in an ancient oak woodland adjacent to MOD Coulport, where the nuclear weapons are stored in sinister bunkers deep inside the hillside by one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland. For more information, visit http://tridentploughshares.org/coulport-disarmament-camp-july-2017/ and War Resisters International.