Future Actions


July 8 – October 2
Chain Reaction and #NoWar2016
Nuclear disarmament campaigners around the world are invited to take nonviolent actions at nuclear-weapons related sites under the banner Chain Reaction between July 8, the 20th anniversary of the International Court of Justice case against nuclear weapons, and October 2, the International Day for Nonviolence. These actions aim to build support in the nuclear-armed and nuclear-reliant states for the recent agreement of non-nuclear states to pursue through the United Nations an international treaty banning nuclear weapons. The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance will coordinate nonviolent direct action at the Pentagon on September 26, in conjunction with the No War 2016: Real Security, Without Terrorism conference. There will be a planning and training meeting as part of the conference from 2–4 p.m. on the 25th. For more info, visit worldbeyondwar.org/NoWar2016.

October 7-9
Catholic Worker Gathering
The 2016 National Catholic Worker Gathering will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 7-9, 2016, by the Las Vegas Catholic Worker community. Sunday liturgy at the National Nuclear Security Site (aka Nevada Nuclear Test Site) and nonviolent action at Creech Air Force Base. For more information, please contact the Las Vegas Catholic Worker, 500 W. Van Buren Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89106, 702-647-0728, mail@lvcw.org, www.lvcw.org.

October 7-10
SOA Watch Mobilization on the Border
The School of the Americas Watch will be headed to the border this fall from October 7-10 for a bi-national convergence in Nogales, Arizona/Sonora, making the connections between militarized U.S. foreign policy and the reasons why people flee to the U.S. for their lives. Learn about the issues in workshops and join international demonstrations and nonviolent direct action to resist militarization, support refugees and end migrant incarceration. For more information, visit soaw.org, 202-234-3440.

November 6–12
Creech Air Force Base
CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, Nevada Desert Experience and Voices for Creative Nonviolence invite all to join them for another Drone Resistance Week at Creech in Indian Springs, Nevada, November 6–12, 2016. Creech is the training and command hub for a growing web of U.S. military bases making war from afar by drone. Participants will sleep, eat, share chores and rejuvenate on the grounds of the Goddess Temple in nearby Cactus Springs, between daily morning and evening vigils at the base gates. Nonviolent direct action will be planned, and support people are needed. For more information, contact Toby Blomé at ratherbenyckeling@comcast.net.  Also, start planning now to join the third annual Shut Down Creech spring action, April 15-22, 2017.

Arms Trade Resistance

November 10
Arms dealers and politicians will meet behind closed doors in Brussels on November 10 to collaborate and privatize European “security policy.” Nonviolent actions are being prepared by Peace Action Belgium to let the arms dealers know that they are not welcome. For more information, visit istopthearmstrade.eu/en/dayofaction.

November 16–22
New Zealand
Auckland Peace Action has called for help to blockade the annual New Zealand Defence Industry Association Annual Conference and international arms fair and to create a peace flotilla on the water to resist the accompanying naval warships flotilla, November 16–22, 2016. For more information, visit aucklandpeaceaction.wordpress.com

September, 2017
The Campaign Against the Arms Trade is building on the recent acquittal of eight people who blocked the set-up of the 2015 biennial DSEI arms exhibition, and has begun planning, training and organizing the shut down the event when it returns to London in September, 2017. It’s an international market, inviting international nonviolent resistance. For more information as plans evolve, and to get involved, visit caat.org.uk