Future Actions


December 27-28
Holy Innocents Faith and Resistance Retreat/Witness, Washington, D.C.

When: Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 1:00 PM — Friday, December 28 at Noon

Where: St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, Washington, DC 20010 

What: Please join members of the Atlantic and Southern Life communities and other peacemaking friends in a time of prayer, reflection and nonviolent witness to commemorate the Massacre of the Holy Innocents – past and present. We ask that people arrive by 1:00 PM so that we can begin our gathering promptly at 1:30 PM.   

On Thursday, we will reflect on the scriptural passage of the slaughter on the holy innocents and its meaning for us today. Joan and Don Wages will share about their journey into nonviolence, how they have tried to embody nonviolence in their life-style and family living, and the challenges they have faced. We will plan our nonviolent witness for the next day and have liturgy together. 

In our public witness at the Pentagon we will convey our hope for a disarmed world–a world free of war, nuclear weapons, killer drones, all weapons, racial hatred, torture, systemic oppression, social inequality and climate chaos. 

What to Bring: Please bring sleeping bags and bedding for sleeping in the church sanctuary. Also please bring food for a pot-luck breakfast on December 28.                                                                                                        ——–

During this time we remember in a special way the Kings Bay Plowshares as they prepare for their upcoming trial (date still unknown). Liz McAlister and Steve Kelly remain in jail, while the other five remain out on bond and have electronic monitors. We also hold in our hearts the children and people of Yemen who are experiencing widespread famine, cholera and death as a result of the ruthless U.S.-backed Saudi war being waged against them. We remember, too, the suffering Palestinian people who continue to live under a brutal Israeli state of siege, the courageous migrant caravan in Mexico as the journey to the U.S. border, and all immigrants and refugees who are fleeing repression and war. 

As we daily face what Dr. King called the triple evils of poverty, racism and militarism, and as we confront the “apocalyptic twins” of nuclear war and global warming, let us pray for each other as we seek to make the Word flesh in building, ever wider and stronger, the Beloved Community. Let us recommit ourselves to ending the slaughter of innocents everywhere!

Please join us. 

With gratitude, 
Art Laffin

For more info contact Art Laffin, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker: artlaffin@hotmail.com

December 27-28
Holy Innocents Faith and Resistance Retreat/Witness, Des Moines

 The Second Annual retreat and witness at the Des Moines Drone Command Center begins at 7:00 PM Thursday, December 27 at the Bishop Dingman Catholic Worker, 1310 7th St., Des Moines. Retreat reflection and direct action planning continues at 9:00 AM Friday and concludes with direct action witness at the Iowa National Guard drone command center, 3100 McKinley Ave. If you need a bed, call ahead. If you want floor space, bring a bed roll. For more information, contact Frank Cordaro, frank.cordaro@gmail.com, 515-490-2490, or Jakob Whitson, jakobwhitson@gmail.com, 785-340-2458.


March 15-17, 2019
Midwest Catholic Worker Faith and Resistance Retreat

The Des Moines Catholic Worker and Veterans for Peace are hosting the 2019 retreat on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, focusing on the drone command center at the Iowa Air National Guard base in Des Moines. Kathy Kelly is confirmed as a speaker; others pending. For more information and updates, contact Frank Cordaro, frank.cordaro@gmail.com, 515-490-2490, or Jakob Whitson, jakobwhitson@gmail.com, 785-340-2458, or Gilbert Landolt, peacevet@hotmail.com, 515-333-2180.

April 13-19, 2019
Sacred Peace Walk

All friends and fellow travelers are invited to join the Nevada Desert Experience for all or part of their annual Sacred Peace Walk, April 13-19, 2019, walking 60 miles from Las Vegas, past the killer drone center at Creech Air Force base to the historic Peace Camp, ending on Good Friday at the gates of the Nevada National Security Site (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site). Then, with the largest number of resisters we can raise and with the permission of the Western Shoshone National Council, we enter their sacred land together!

While this “arrest” will no longer be the ritual without consequences that it has been [due to a recent change re: prosecuting trespass arrests at the site], even in the new regime each one should be able to calculate the risk each is ready and able to take. First, anyone can participate in a meaningful way without crossing the line, each person adding to the strength of the whole action with no risk of arrest. Second, anyone entering the site with a Western Shoshone permit AND a photo ID such as a driver’s license, who has not already been issued a warning, will likely be processed quickly and released with a warning. Third, anyone entering with the Western Shoshone permit as their only ID should expect a ride to Pahrump and booked into the jail there. Marcus Page Collogne was held on $500 bond [after his October 2018 arrest], but who knows what they will do if there is a crowd of us? Going bail or not may be another option for each to consider. If we are held over, it is likely that a judge will let us out on Monday, either with time served or with a trial in the near future.

“Filling the Jails” is a time honored American tradition that has been an integral part of every successful movement for social progress and the stakes have never been higher. Thirty years ago, overwhelming numbers helped end prosecutions of protesters at the Test Site and contributed to implementing the global ban on full-scale testing of nuclear weapons. What we demand now is so much more than this. There are no promises of outcome beyond educated guesses in this proposal. It would be a step in faith, but one that these dangerous times demand of at least some of us and the more who show up, the more fun it will be!

Nevada Desert Experience is a faith based movement and the Sacred Peace Walk embraces the witness and worship of many traditions and of those who identify themselves with none. Walk and camp with us through the desert for the week or join us on Good Friday morning for a communal act of nonviolent resistance. For those who can, come prepared for a joyous weekend together in jail and a strong rebuke to oppressive power in court, if that’s how it goes. Contact us at info@nevadadesertexperience.org, or phone (702)646-4814.