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Kansas City judge gives nuclear weapons protester 2 years of probation, plus fees

Photo by Jim Hannah

from PeaceWorks Kansas City

“We are addicted to war and, with nuclear weapons, we are on the verge of omnicide. It is necessary to do an intervention. Our tool is the courage of nonviolence.” – Henry Stoever, in his trial brief  

by Mary Hladky

Henry Stoever was arrested with four other line-crossers at last year’s Memorial Day demonstration at the Honeywell nuclear weapon parts plant in Kansas City, Missouri. At the initial arraignment, the prosecutor insisted that Henry’s case be separated from the other four defendants, as he was a retired lawyer. Henry was tried on February 23, and the other four on February 18.

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Nuclear resisters on trial in Kansas City courtroom

Sketch by Pat Marrin

from PeaceWorks Kansas City

Judge tells nuke resisters, ‘Continue to fight for what you believe is right’

by Christopher Overfelt

The trial for four of the five line-crossers from last year’s demonstration at the Honeywell nuclear weapons plant in south Kansas City, Missouri took place on February 18. The four men on trial were Tom Mountenay, Brian Terrell, Louis Rodemann, and Jim Hannah. The fifth line-crosser, Henry Stoever, will be tried separately on February 23.

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