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Father Kim and Reverend Lee released

Rev. Lee Jeong Hoon got released with 1 year suspended sentence , 2 years probation and 100,000 won fine.

He was arrested with Fr. Kim Jeong-Wook on March 9 when they broke the fence. Thanks to them, many people could enter the Gureombi Rock at the time.

(April 4 photo by Baek David Yongeseok of Rev. Lee Jeong-Hoon)

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Hundreds arrested as Europeans act against NATO

Police pursue Swedish activists entering NATO headquarters. Photo: AP/Virginia Mayo

Press release from NATO Game Over campaign at Peace Action in Belgium

Around 2:00 a.m. April 1,  800 peace activists from more than ten European countries gathered near NATO headquarters in Evere, Brussels. 500 people tried nonviolently to enter the NATO compound. About 20 activists succeeded to enter the military site, 483 people were arrested. At the main entrance of the NATO headquarters 300 supporters cheered the intervention teams.

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