Another activist resisting Jeju naval base to be sent to prison, and more Jeju resistance updates

[March 31] One more activist is to be imprisoned: Mr. Lim Ho-Young, village media team leader
Mr. Lim Ho Young, village media team leader who has done important media work with the nickname ‘thinkunit’ and has initiated a small peace park in the Samgeori (three way intersection) was arrested on March 29.  He got a warrant of arrest yesterday and the court made the decision to imprison him on March 31. He is told to be moved to the Jeju prison next week. When he was taken to the police station, he was bleeding in his forehead hit by police camera. The arbitrary charge against him is “obstruction of government affairs.”He has been a staunch fighter and has been some targeted by police. It will be not only me who is so sorry as he was an excellent media worker. We will miss his tweeter!/thinkunitUpon his imprisonment, there will be three political prisoners for the Jeju naval base struggle since March 9.

Fr. Kim Jeong Wook
Rev. Lee Jeong-Hoon
Mr. Lim Ho-Young

April 1

‎[April 1] Police used tear liquid using spray gun on the first day of April, Sunday.  30 people entered the Gureombi Rock but were taken out.  Nine people were arrested. When about 500 workers of Korean Confederation Trade Union marched toward the port, the police sprayed tear liquid (capsaicin liquid) against people, using spray gun. It was for the first time that the police used tear liquid in the protests against the Jeju naval base.Please see the video at:
경찰 최루액 발사 강정 충돌, 30여명 구럼비 진입

The KCTU having a pan-Korean workers’ rally to success the Jeju 4.3 uprising spirit, in the Gangjeong village in the morning of the April 1 demanded no Jeju naval base, no privatization of public institutes and no profit-oriented hospital ( * another project by Samsung), and No ROK-US FTA.

When people confronted police tear liquid with sea water in the port, there were also nine members of the national human rights committee who took cameras to record on the police violation on human rights. They were also interrupted by the police.

Among 30 people who could eventually reach to the Gureombi rock after hard struggle with the police, Several people including, Hyun Ae-Ja (former National Assembly woman), and Dr. Song Kang-Ho entered the Gureombi Rock crossing wire razor. They were eventually carried by a navy jeep and police took them outside. Br. Song was severely injured when he resisted against arrest of him. The police violently hit him in belly etc. when he was carried in police car from the Gureombi rock to the police station. He was eventually being stitched his neck in the hospital and carried again to the police station despite lawyers’ protest (with his teeth broken).

The charge against Dr. Song is damage on property.

Eight activists including two key activists were arrested when they blocked police bus chaining their bodies in the center of the village (One was released later).

It is told that a person is still in the Gureombi rock. He is told to have insisted to stay overnight there.
Image source: Jeju Sori, April 1