Fourteen anti-nuclear activists arrested for trespassing at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant

photo by Trisha McNeilly

by Trisha McNeilly

Three Plymouth police cars, Entergy’s security team, and a closed gate didn’t stop a group of 35 protesters from marching to the entrance of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant on May 20 to deliver a letter addressed to Entergy’s Site Vice President, demanding that Entergy  include Cape Cod in the emergency planning zone, withdraw their license renewal application, and immediately shut down the plant because of public safety concerns.

But Entergy refused to let anyone on their property, which didn’t stop Cape Coders Diane Turco and David Agnew from leading some of the anti-nuclear protesters beyond the entrance gate to personally deliver the letter.

Police immediately stopped protesters once they crossed over to private property but the only Entergy officials present were security who refused to take the letter, telling the group to either send it in the mail or leave it on the ground.

“Well then get someone out here in management who can take the letter,” said one protester.

Fourteen protesters were arrested and taken to the Plymouth police station for trespassing. The letter of citizen demands was left on the pavement at Entergy’s gate.

The plant’s license expires June 8th.