Rise Up Singing weekend at Faslane Trident base in Scotland

Singing “Aye But I Wull Sit Here” – an old song from the Holy Loch Protest in the 60’s

by Jane Tallents

After a busy day of workshops, singing practice, banner making and eating good food provided by Faslane Peace Camp on Saturday, September 15, we headed out to Faslane on Sunday morning to raise our voices in protest against Trident. Over 50 people spent the day singing peace songs old and new and enjoying soup, rolls and cake at the Jeely Peace cafe. The array of colourful banners on the fences couldn’t be missed by passing traffic. Two visitors from Bhopal told us of the campaign for justice for the survivors of the chemical disaster in 1984.

A smaller but vocal group returned on Monday morning, September 17, and in spite of a cunning plan being foiled by an overkeen MOD Plod, four people managed a very brief blockade of the gate. One of the Peace Campers was also arrested after, to his surprise, the police discovered a couple of lock-on tubes had been hidden underneath the bike trailer with the tea things he was delivering to us. Everyone was released later on.

For more information, go to faslanepeacecamp.wordpress.com/