~ from Jeju Prison, by Kim Young-Jae

Kim Young-Jae was arrested on April 12 while standing in front of a truck, on the road leading into the site of a naval base under construction on Jeju Island, South Korea.  Two days later, he was issued a warrant and taken to jail.  Here are translated excerpts from a letter he wrote on April 25.  

I guess that many people were embarrassed by my arrest and imprisonment. However I am fine, different from your concern about me.

It is because I have been preparing for this, expecting my imprisonment long time ago.

During the investigation process, I felt that they had really decided their mind to arrest me. That is why I am more concerning about the peace keepers in Gangjeong.

I strongly feel that they want to arrest and imprison peacekeepers, so that they remove the power for the opposition movement against the Jeju naval base construction. Please particularly heed them.

When I was in the field in Gangjeong, I could not see very well. However, a little distant from it, I become to realize the things that I could not think before.

I become to see how this opposition movement against the Jeju naval base has continuity and meaning in the history of democracy, peace, and unification movements that have been heartbreaking and continuous for tens of years in Korea; and how I am and which position I stand on in those movements. It is becoming really precious time. [..]

Even though I am confined in a small single room, my heart is freer and happier than any other time.

There could be no regret since I have acted according to my consciousness and faith.

Tomorrow (April 26), there is a trial on the case of climbing up to the caisson dock in Hwasoon on last September 6. (* Mr. Kim Young-Jae was one of the five activists on the day.)

I will see welcome faces. I wait for tomorrow.

Please tell all the peace keepers that I miss them so much. Please tell them not to be shrunken, not to be exhausted but fight with happiness.

P.S. Please say my special hello to the village uncles. I love them.