~ from Jeju Prison, by Kim Young-Jae

August 1, 2013


My name is Kim Young-Jae, and I am currently incarcerated for trying to stop the construction of a U.S. Naval base in Jeju, Korea.

I am very grateful to get the newspaper from the Nuclear Resister and the card of support you sent.

I want to thank all of you who have supported our efforts to stop naval base construction in Jeju, a beautiful island of peace. I feel a deep sense of solidarity with those of you who support peace.

Not only are many U.S. military troops already stationed in my country, but it also has an unnecessarily high concentration of arms and weaponry, exposing us to a constant threat of war.

On top of this a new naval base is under construction, possibly with an agenda to seal the border with China. From what we have seen so far there is evidence that this naval base is not a product of the Korean government’s independent policy. In other words, it’s being built for America’s need to contain China. This is a major cause, if not the only one.

The people of this little village, Gangjeong, and the peace activists have been the only ones standing between that gargantuan force and peace for seven years. This has called for enormous sacrifice on our part.

Military and men in power have ripped this village’s community apart. But our peaceful resistance against the oppressive government forces has not been corrupted, and we resist in more creative and artistic methods as well as taking action.

I believe all the peace activists here and the Nuclear Resister are one at heart. We ask for your continued interest and solidarity. I will always support your efforts to uphold peace and solidarity.

(translated by the Gangjeong International Team)

[Kim Young-Jae stood in front of a construction truck on April 12 and remained in jail until September 16. His trial continues.]