~ from the Camden County Detention Facility, by Clare Grady

April 16, 2018
We say, “the ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide”, and yet, the explosive power of this weapon is only part of what we want to make visible. We see that nuclear weapons kill every day by their mere existence. Their production requires mining, refining, testing, and dumping of radioactive material, which poisons sacred Earth and Water, all on Indigenous land. 

We see the billions of dollars it takes to build and maintain the Trident system as stolen resources, which are desperately needed for human needs.

We see nuclear weapons as a cocked gun, the biggest gun, used 24/7 to ENFORCE the many layers of state-sponsored violence and deadly force required to maintain white supremacy, global capitalism, and global domination.

We invite others who have been privileged by these systems to join us in withdrawing consent from their deadly function and purpose. We live with hope for a nuclear-free, decolonized world.

Information about the Kings Bay Plowshares is here. Prison addresses for the seven plowshares activists are here.