Peace campers in Scotland arrested, one at Trident nuclear warhead loading jetty

Faslane Peace Camp photo

from Faslane Peace Camp

Two Faslane peace campers were arrested on January 28, one of them just a few yards from the Trident warhead loading jetty at Coulport on Loch Long, Scotland. 

Sylvia Boyes and Willemien Hoogendoorn hung banners at the pedestrian gate, and a hole (first cut on October 8) was re-opened. After about an hour, Sylvia went through the hole with a banner to hang directly in front of the warhead loading bay. The banner read “TRIDENT – An atrocity waiting to happen”. 

Despite openly carrying out these actions, it took at least 1.5 hours for the Ministry of Defence police to arrive. Willemien was arrested at the pedestrian gate, and Sylvia was arrested immediately in front of the loading bay. 

After they were released, the women commented, “Over the past week we have been continually reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust and to learn lessons. Trident is evil. One missile can kill the same number of people as Jews murdered during the Holocaust and World War II”.

We need to be on the right side of history and oppose these weapons of mass destruction always.