Three peace activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base 

Sylver Pondolfino

from Nevada Desert Experience

On the morning of March 27, during an anti-drone protest, 89-year-old retired pastor George Killingsworth of Berkeley, California was arrested for drawing a peace sign with chalk on a large boulder near the gate of Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. He was charged with defacing public property and released outside the base. 

Karen Pettit of Las Vegas, Nevada and Sylver Pondolfino of Staten Island, New York were also arrested while blocking traffic at the drone base. They were taken to the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, charged with failure to disperse and later released. Prior to their arrests, a driver wearing a USAF flight suit lurched forward with her vehicle and made contact with Karen. No injuries resulted.

The actions were part of the Nevada Desert Experience’s annual Sacred Peace Walk. The Walk will end at the Nevada National Security Site on March 29 with a Good Friday witness.   

Videos of the arrests are here: and here:

George Killingsworth

George Killingsworth

Karen Pettit & Sylver Pondolfino

Karen Pettit