Two women cross the line at the Nevada nuclear test site

Beth Blattenberger

from the Nevada Desert Experience 

Nuclear weapons abolition and the liberation of the Western Shoshone Homeland were in the hearts and minds of the Sacred Peace Walkers as they concluded their pilgrimage from Las Vegas to the Nevada National Security Site in Mercury, Nevada on Good Friday, March 29. The spirit of Aaron Bushnell and the deadly fires and incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were felt deeply as our souls cried out for a cease fire and an end to the genocide in Palestine along with atonement for the egregious offenses in Ukraine and other parts of the world, past and present.

As the pilgrimage approached the line, Beth Blattenberger, of Salt Lake City, Utah, quietly continued walking across the line and was arrested for trespass.

Jeremiah Jones, the Western Shoshone spokesperson, welcomed all of the walkers and gave them permission to enter the Western Shoshone traditional lands. The nuclear test site occupies Western Shoshone land, in violation of the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley. In the spirit of friendship, Jeremiah also made it very clear the Nevada National Security Site is illegal however concluded his remarks with the following hoped for affirmation, “We all live on this planet together in love, peace and harmony. That is what we are here for.”   
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Jeanne Firth, of Louisville, Kentucky, also came forward to speak. “We have all been told that this is just how it has to be, that there is no other option. It is not true.” Jeanne then crossed the line to give voice to the desperate need to end war, for a cease fire and the abolition of nuclear weapons. 
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