Networking Roundtable Presenters

Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future

Saturday, July 3, 2010


AlliantTech, MN (Maker of Trident nuclear missile propulsion systems and depleted uranium ammo)
Tom Bottolene <> and Pepperwolf <>

Kitsap/Bangor Naval Base, WA (Homeport for Trident nuclear submarines
and nuclear weapons depot
Sue Ablao <> and Jackie Hudson <>
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

Peterson Air Force Base (U.S. Space Command),
Air Force Academy & nuclear missile silos, CO

Bill Sulzman <> and Loring Wirbel, <>
Citizens for Peace in Space

Kansas City Plant, MO (Non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons)
Ann Suellentrop <>
Physicians for Social Responsibility and PeaceWorks–Kansas City

Livermore Labs, CA (U.S. nuclear weapons lab)
Carl Anderson <>
Tri-Valley Cares

Los Alamos, NM (U.S. nuclear weapons lab)
Mariah Klusmire <>
Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists and Think Outside the Bomb

Nevada Test Site, NV (Nuclear weapons testing)
Jim Haber <>
Nevada Desert Experience

Pentagon, White House, Department of Energy, D.C.
Liz McAlister <>
Jonah House

U.S. Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, NE
(U.S. nuclear weapons targeting and command)
Frank Cordaro <>
Phil Berrigan Catholic Worker House

Uranium mining sites, Australia
K.A. Garlick <> and Marcus Atkinson <>
Footprints for Peace

Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA (Nuclear missile test launches)
Steve Kelly <>
Vandenberg Witness

Vermont Yankee, VT (Nuclear power plant)
Hattie Nestel <>
Shut It Down Affinity Group