The Nuclear Resister needs funds – please help!

Felice & Jack at the Nevada Test Site, October 2011

From activist and musician Joyce Katzberg:
Thank you, dear Jack and Felice,
for chronicling our hope these long years. I still carry my weatherbeaten copy of the April, 2003 issue of the Nuclear Resister [which chronicles over 7,500 anti-war arrests] in my purse to prove to people that there really IS a nonviolent resistance movement in our country. I love it when I see the light in their eyes when they see page after page after page after page of evidence of courage in the face of the Beast.
           XO Joyce

From activist Rachel Winch:
Dear Felice and Jack,
I was reading through the last edition of the Nuclear Resister today and was filled with such hope and inspiration. At times when it feels like all is lost, it is beautiful to be reminded of the creative resistance of people around the country and around the world.
Thank you for your work and your loving presence.
        Much love,             

From imprisoned Plowshares activist Steve Kelly, S.J.:
The Nuclear Resister – tracking, chronicling, supporting prisoners-of-conscience to nukes and war – deserves our material and constructive support. I’m not alone in saying I’m empowered by this newsletter, which serves as much more than a bulletin board or website. It is us – caring, taking pulse, hearing each other.
          God bless, Steve

June, 2012

Dear friends,

Letters like these recent ones, from old friends and new, remind us why we have continued to publish the Nuclear Resister newsletter for the past 32 years.

A few significant reasons stand out as to why this work remains as vital as ever – worthy of our time, energy and commitment, and of your continued support.

*   The men and women imprisoned for their acts of conscience need and deserve our support.  That’s been the main focus of this work since 1980.  Every night since then, there has been someone in jail for anti-nuclear and anti-war protests.

*   It’s important to keep a far-flung, global movement connected, and to help isolated groups know that they are not alone.

*   Whether people are reading the Nuclear Resister newsletter at their kitchen table or on their bunk in a prison cell, this written chronicle of a significant, vibrant and historic resistance movement is a source of hope and inspiration.

At the heart of this work, the Nuclear Resister newsletter remains the most comprehensive chronicle of international anti-nuclear and anti-war arrests.  We strive to write accurate, informed and readable accounts that as much as possible feature the words of the resisters themselves.  And while not nearly as comprehensive as the quarterly print newsletter, our blog at, the monthly E-bulletin and Facebook page feature a round-up of resistance highlights that supplement the news-letter, significantly expanding outreach and helping to get the word out.

The new issue, twelve packed pages, covers quite a roster of global resistance for a peaceful, nuclear-free future (please send your postal address to for a free copy):

* Civil resistance actions in four states demand shut down of the aging Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim nuclear power plants
* A one-to-seven-year prison sentence for a Pennsylvania man who repeatedly sat-in at a military recruiting office
* Hundreds arrested while occupying NATO’s Brussels headquarters and protesting the NATO summit in Chicago
*  Jeju islanders escalating nonviolent resistance as construction proceeds for new Korean navy base
* Hundreds arrested and fasting in India to stop a new nuclear power plant
* Arrests at drone warfare centers in New York, Wisconsin and Missouri
*  Good Friday and Mother’s Day arrests at nuclear weapons related sites in seven states across the U.S.
* and more!

The simple fact is that the Nuclear Resister, a chronicle of hope, has been able to continue to share news of these many acts of conscience year after year thanks to the generosity of your donations and other support.

While resistance has picked up speed in recent months, donations to the Nuclear Resister have slowed to a trickle.  This is especially worrisome as we approach the summer months, a typically dry time for donations, and all the more so in a Presidential election year.

Can you please help? Your donation of any amount, large or small, will be deeply appreciated now to help the Nuclear Resister get through the hot summer months and beyond.

Newsletter, blog, E-bulletin, Facebook page… what’s next?

Looking ahead, we want to carve out time to put a book together based on three decades of the history of this nonviolent movement for social change as told by the resisters, woven together from the stories, statements, letters and photos that are preserved in the Nuclear Resister archives.

We’ve never written a book before, and while we are developing our ideas, we invite you to share any thoughts regarding possible publishers or sources of financial support for such an undertaking, as well as other knowledge and ideas you might have.  We haven’t quite figured out where we’ll find the time for a book while also continuing the Nuclear Resister newsletter, blog and E-bulletin, but we’re going to try!

We thank you for your ongoing support – essential as we move forward! – as we continue to hope together, work together and act together for a peaceful, just and nuclear-free future.


Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa

P.S. Checks should be made payable to the Nuclear Resister and mailed to PO Box 43383, Tucson, AZ 85733. Contributions of $50 or more may be tax- deductible if made payable to the Progressive Foundation, with “Nuclear Resister” in the memo line.  Donations can also be made via paypal here – but please note that tax deductible donations must be made by check payable to the Progressive Foundation.