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~ from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, by Leonard Peltier

(From the Nuclear Resister #152, February 24, 2009) February 6, 2009 Greetings my relatives, First of all, before anything else I want to thank all for the work that you’ve been doing because what you do for me, you do it for my people and all those that come after us. The enemy that we […]

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~ from Terre Haute, Indiana, by Rafil Dhafir

(From the Nuclear Resister #151, December 20, 2008) December 16, 2008 Two days ago, December 14, was my second anniversary here in CMU-Terre Haute, Indiana. Two years ago, with dozens of others, I was whisked here without explanation, to this place reserved for those on death row. The place was closed for years. It was […]

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