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Second American enters German prison for anti-nuclear weapons actions

Photo by Michelle Shiloh

from CounterPunch

by John LaForge

While dread of nuclear war between Russia and NATO states over Ukraine have reached new heights, especially in Europe, a second U.S. citizen has been ordered to serve prison time in Germany for protest actions demanding that U.S. nuclear bombs stationed at Germany’s Büchel NATO base, southeast of Cologne, be withdrawn.

Dennis DuVall, 81, member of Veterans for Peace, U.S. Air Force veteran of the war in Vietnam, and veteran anti-nuclear activist, is to report to the federal prison in Bautzen, Germany, 32 miles east of Dresden (JVA Bautzen, Breitscheid Str. 4, 02625 Bautzen, Germany), on Thursday, March 23 to begin a 60-day sentence.

On July 15, 2018, DuVall was one of 18 people who clipped through the chain link fence and entered the base in order to — as the group said in a statement — “bring an end to the ongoing criminal conspiracy to unleash uncontrollable and indiscriminate heat, blast, and radiation with every B61 nuclear bomb deployed at Büchel NATO base.”

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~ from Glasmoor Prison, Germany – American nuclear resister John LaForge writes about his time in prison

March 8, 2023 Dear Nukewatch friends, colleagues, comrades, Please forgive me if you’ve already gotten this wordy report of my recent experience in struggling against the U.S. H-bombs in Europe. In case you hadn’t heard, I was sentenced to 50 days for refusing to pay fines imposed following trespass convictions for go-in actions (which involved […]

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