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Celebrating 42 years and 200 issues of the Nuclear Resister!

Thanks to all of the people who joined us on Zoom on December 3 to celebrate – not just 42 years and 200 issues of the Nuclear Resister – but four+ decades of a vibrant, persistent, creative, international, inspiring, courageous and hopeful resistance movement for a peaceful and nuclear free future!

Since 1980, the Nuclear Resister has reported on more than 100,000 anti-nuclear and anti-war arrests while encouraging support for more than 1,000 imprisoned activists. The special online celebration includes photos, songs and stories from decades of direct actions and more, honoring our resistance history and drawing inspiration for today’s movement for a peaceful, nuclear-free future.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here’s the link to watch the video.

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Why John LaForge won’t pay fines imposed for nuclear weapons actions in Germany

Nuclear resister John LaForge, co-director of Nukewatch, writes about why he will not pay fines imposed for trespass convictions for two nonviolent actions at Büchel Air Base in Germany, where up to 20 U.S. nuclear weapons are stored. On January 10, he will begin a 50 day sentence at Billwerder Prison in Hamburg.

from CounterPunch

Why Not Pay Fine Imposed for Actions Against Nuclear Threats

I’ve been sentenced to a 50-day jail term in Germany for refusing to pay fines imposed for trespass convictions after two “go-in” actions against nuclear weapons threats. The actions were two uninvited entries into Germany’s Büchel Air Base where up to 20 US hydrogen bombs are stationed under a policy called “nuclear sharing.” The sentence will begin January 10 at the Billwerder prison in Hamburg.

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