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Protesters Arrested at Nuke-Parts Plant in Kansas City

Published on Sunday, June 20, 2010 by
by Jane Stoever and Ann Suellentrop

The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant, managed by Honeywell to help make nuclear weapons, became the scene of civil disobedience for the first time June 18. Four people were arrested when they blocked the employees’ entrance to the plant, while about 35 supporters blocked the plant’s front driveway.

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Twenty-Four Anti-Torture Activists Acquitted

Memorial for slain torture victims, Capitol Rotunda. Beth Brockman photo

On Monday, June 14, twenty-four activists with Witness Against Torture were acquitted in Washington, D.C. Superior Court of charges of “unlawful entry with disorderly conduct.” The charges stemmed from demonstrations at the US Capitol on January 21,2010 – the date by which President Obama had promised the closure of the Guantanamo detention camp.

Defendant Joy First wrote about the trial:

The trial was scheduled to start at 9:30 am. Once we were seated in the courtroom, there were some preliminary matters to deal with before the trial started. Most notably, Bill Quigley argued a motion we had entered for an acquittal, but if we were not acquitted he argued that we would be allowed to use international law and the necessity defense.

I hadn’t been feeling too anxious up till then, but when we sat down in the courtroom and the judge began dealing with some of the preliminary matters, I could feel the anxiety rising in my stomach and moving up to my chest.

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Bonhoeffer Four trial – not guilty!

Jacob Bolton, Jessica Morrison, Simon Moyle, and Simon Reeves and supporters outside Geelong Court

At 6am on March 31, two people used boogy boards to paddle to the Swan Island SAS base near Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, while two others blocked the main entrance. Once there they pushed the emergency stop button for the main Satellite Communications  dish, and closed the base for the day.
It is believed they were directly interfering with the SAS role in warfighting in Afghanistan.
The four were charged with trespass and went to court last Wednesday 16th June.

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Michael Walli sentenced to six months for Ft. Benning line-crossing, then released!

Micheal WalliOn Thursday, June 17, only three days after he was sentenced to six months of federal prison for carrying the protest against the School of the Americas onto Fort Benning, Michael Walli was released from jail.

Early Thursday, Michael was ordered to pack up his belongings from his jail cell. He expected that he would be  transferred to a federal facility but was then told by the wardens that he is free to go, without any further explanation.

From the jail, Michael managed to get to Father Roy Bourgeois’ apartment at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. The two celebrated his release and Michael before Walli boarded a bus headed to his home in Washington, DC.

According to the Columbus Ledger Enquirer, U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth reduced Michael’s sentence to time served, stating, “After further consideration of his hardships I determined that time served was an appropriate sentence.”

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Nuclear Resister Issue #157

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REGISTER NOW! for Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future

We need to provide Maryville College with a solid number to plan space and meals.

Don’t miss this summer’s anti-nuclear resistance gathering to mark the 30th anniversaries of the Nuclear Resister, Nukewatch and the Plowshares Eight!

Join us!!  Fr. Carl Kabat, Sr. Anne Montgomery, Molly Rush,  John & Carrie Schuchardt, John LaForge, Bonnie Urfer, Felice & Jack Cohen-Joppa, Ralph Hutchison, Erik & Libby Johnson, Kathy Kelly, Susan Crane, Liz McAlister, Sr. Ardeth Platte, Sr. Carol Gilbert, Sr. Jackie Hudson, Sue Ablao, Kathy Boylan, Fr. Steve Kelly, Sr. Mary Dennis Lentsch, Linda Urfer, Glenn Carroll, Mary Olson, Guy & Candie Carawan, Ann Suellentrop, Jay Coghlan, Loring Wirbel, Kevin Kamps, Frank Cordaro, John Heid, Sr. Lil Mattingly, Fr. Jerry Zawada, Clare Hanrahan, Janice Sevre-Duszynska, Bill Sulzman,  Steve Johnston, Paige Winslett,  Beth & Larry Brockman, Lissa McLeod, Shelley Wascom, Steve Clemens, Tom Bottolene, Pepperwolf, Hattie Nestel, John Owen, Kim Joy Bergier, Daniel Sicken, Joe & Jean Gump, Jean Holladay Grosbach, Lin Romano, Steve Jacobs, Kary Love, Anabel & David Dwyer, Jim Haber, Sr. Megan Rice, Allison McGillivray, Sam Yergler, Mariah Klusmire and many more!

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Raytheon Action Acquittal in Northern Ireland!

June 4, 2010

Nine acquitted at Raytheon trial

Nine women have been acquitted of breaking into an arms manufacturing company to cause criminal damage.

The women were part of a group who protested at the Raytheon offices in Londonderry [sic] in January 2009.

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~ from Lompoc, California, by Fr. Louie Vitale, OFM

(From the Nuclear Resister #157, June 1, 2010)

February 25, 2010

How Can I Cope?

Many people who write me – friends and supporters – ask about harsh treatment and brutality.  I do not deny that in many prisons and jails these conditions do exist.  One can even raise the charge of torture.  In regards to myself I have not experienced such conditions.  Hardships, yes, but not brutality or violence.

The hardships begin with the loss of freedom.  I remember during my first incarceration, after having made pastoral visits in jail to prisoners, it was a shock as I realized the cell doors were closed and locked on me.

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