Monthly Archive for February, 2018

Hundreds of French police smash nuclear dump protest camp, raid support house and arrest opponents

by Jack Cohen-Joppa, for the Nuclear Resister

Before dawn on the morning of February 22, hundreds of French police in riot gear and equipped with trucks, bulldozers, helicopters and drones, evicted dozens of nuclear waste dump opponents who had occupied a disputed woods in the Meuse district for the last 18 months. A public relations offensive accompanied the action, vilifying opponents with images of previous clashes and supplying the media with dramatic body-camera footage from hooded police wielding chainsaws as they dismantled the protest camp. In anticipation of such police action, a recently-established support network among nuclear opponents across the country was pressed into action. That night, there were demonstrations in front of Prefecture offices in more than 70 cities across France.

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Five anti-nuclear activists arrested at Nevada test site on Downwinders Day

Photo by Ming Lai

From the Nye County Sheriff’s Office

Robert Majors, Richard Lai, Brian Terrell, Darcy Ike, Laura Taylor

NRS 207.200 – Trespassing

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, Nevada Desert Experience and Western Shoshone Tribe conducted a peaceful protest at the boundary of the Nevada National Security Site. The protest was to bring awareness to January 27 being “National Down Winders” day.

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