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Kings Bay Plowshares legal updates, four years after their nuclear disarmament action

March 28, 2022
On April 4, 2018, the Kings Bay Plowshares Seven trespassed onto a U.S. Naval base in Southern Georgia, bearing a message from the great Dr. King: “The ultimate logic of racism is genocide.” There they performed a symbolic act of nuclear disarmament at the home port of the most deadly, omnicidal weapons of mass destruction ever created in human history, the Trident submarine. Four years later, all have served lengthy prison terms, while the exact kind of geopolitical scenario threatening nuclear annihilation which the Seven were trying to warn the world about is now becoming a reality with the war in Ukraine.

First, the Kings Bay Plowshares would like to express our deep gratitude for the wonderful prayers and support we have received these last four years from all of you and our legal team. We are especially grateful for the Brunswick, Georgia community of friends that made our time in their city a love-filled experience.

Five activists arrested after locking down on Raytheon roof

Activists Climb onto the Roof of Raytheon’s Cambridge Facility in Protest of War Profiteering, Killing of Civilians

Photo from Resist and Abolish the Military Industrial Complex

On the morning of March 21, a group of activists scaled onto the roof of Raytheon’s facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts to call attention to the company’s weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and their record of human rights violations. As part of the multi-tiered protest, the facility’s parking garage was also blockaded, while another group disrupted inside of the Raytheon offices.

The group that scaled the roof used several smoke flares to draw attention to their protest, while chanting and dropping flyers down to workers as they arrived at the facility. Several banners were also unfurled from the roof of the building. Two of the banners read “End All Wars, End All Empires”, and “Raytheon profits from death in Yemen, Palestine & Ukraine”.

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