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Blockades block liberation: How blockades obstruct nonviolence and democratic revolutions

Swedish nonviolence educator and Plowshares activist Per Herngren

by Per Herngren

When civil disobedience spread across Europe and the United States, the biggest mistake was perhaps the fixation on blockades. In the rich part of the world, the blockade has been made the dominant method of civil disobedience. In this text, various reasons are analyzed as to why Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi did not use blockades.

Gandhi used proactive and performative resistance, and the goal became the means of the struggle, “means and ends are convertible terms”. (Mohandas Gandhi, 1939.) The desired solution to the problem was turned into the method of civil disobedience. When local salt extraction and cotton production were monopolized by the colonial power, Gandhi, together with others, mined salt and spun cotton, breaking the colonial monopoly. This is called performative in queer feminist theory and is similar to Gandhi’s concept of nonviolence, where means and ends are the same. A performative is an action that realizes its vision.

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9,000 arrests in nine months call for CEASEFIRE NOW!

Photo by David Solnit

From the Nuclear Resister

(This chronicle of resistance is published in issues #202 and #203/204 of the Nuclear Resister newsletter, and online at Last updated on July 11.)

Since October of 2023, thousands of protests and actions around the world have called for a ceasefire and end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. In this day-by-day record of dissent, the Nuclear Resister has chronicled more than 9,000 arrests (and counting) in the U.S. and Canada on over 350 occasions across more than 125 cities and towns in 36 states and 5 provinces. Over 3,400 of these arrests have taken place on at least 70 university campuses. It marks the largest surge of anti-war arrests since mid-April, 2003, when the Nuclear Resister reported over 7,500 anti-war arrests in the U.S. alone in the lead-up to and first weeks of the second U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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Nuclear Resister issue #203/204

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~ from USP Coleman 1, by Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier June 26th Statement 2024 © Greetings my Friends, Family, Loved Ones, and Supporters, Hope is a hard thing here. But I always hold hope in you, My People. Pay attention. The parole decision on July 11th may show you what justice truly means to this nation and to whom it is meant for. […]

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Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier, 79-years-old, denied parole

Self portrait by Leonard Peltier

From the Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee

July 3, 2024
This fight is not over until it is over. Lead Attorney Jenipher Jones and Attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen, who are leading both the administrative appeal and litigation efforts on behalf of Mr. Peltier, will appeal the United State Parole Commission’s grotesquely unconstitutional decision.
In a moment of bitter irony, as the nation heads into the 4th of July Independence Day holiday, the United States Parole Commission failed to recommend Leonard Peltier, who is the longest-serving Indigenous political prisoner in the United States, for release. The USPC’s July 2, 2024 decision continues to impose upon Mr. Peltier a slow Death by Incarceration. The Parole Commission’s decision only illustrates the truth of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention report stating that Leonard’s incarceration constitutes an arbitrary detention and noting his parole hearings as a key contributing factor to what they have characterized as his unjustly prolonged incarceration.

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