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~ from SCI Dallas, by Norman Lowry

On the wall at the foot of my bed hangs a picture of a gateway through which lies the residue of life never fully realized.  At this site, eight years prior to my birth, the United States of America purposefully melted hundreds of thousands of people, with a fire hotter than the sun.  Next to this haunting image of Hiroshima hangs a picture of a female Buddhist cleric, peacefully sitting amid gasoline-fueled flames, whose outstretched arms seem to be inviting me to accept her love and forgiveness for my country’s choice to war against and to decimate her native Vietnam. 

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~ from Jeju Prison, by Kim Young-Jae

August 1, 2013


My name is Kim Young-Jae, and I am currently incarcerated for trying to stop the construction of a U.S. Naval base in Jeju, Korea.

I am very grateful to get the newspaper from the Nuclear Resister and the card of support you sent.

I want to thank all of you who have supported our efforts to stop naval base construction in Jeju, a beautiful island of peace. I feel a deep sense of solidarity with those of you who support peace.

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Quaker’s anti-war beliefs land him in jail

Photo by David Lee

Photo by David Lee

from the Register-Star

Dr. Joseph Olejak, a chiropractor with a successful practice in Delmar, is spending his weekends in Columbia County Jail for the next six months.

On Oct. 17, Judge Thomas McAvoy of the Federal District Court of Northern New York found Olejak guilty of the charge of willful failure to file an income tax form, something the defendant had failed to do for nearly 20 years.

He was sentenced to 26 weekends in jail and payment of $240,000 in back taxes. In addition, he’s doing community service at the Northeast Regional Food Bank, and is looking for other placements as well.

Olejak, a Quaker, withholds taxes because he’s a passionate opponent of war.

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