War tax resisters arrested at construction site of new Kansas City nuclear weapons plant

photo © Robyn Haas

from National Catholic Reporter
Protest, arrests at nuclear site cap war tax resisters conference

by Robyn Haas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Boil it down and war tax resisters have a simple strategy: Without taxes, the government can’t buy guns and fight wars. And, capping their annual conference this weekend with a protest outside the nation’s first new nuclear weapons manufacturing facility in three decades, some 60 war tax resisters said yesterday that the government shouldn’t be able to build such facilities either.

The protest, which saw five resisters arrested for acts of civil disobedience, was the latest in a series of actions organized to oppose construction of the some $1.2 billion nuclear weapons plant, known simply as the Kansas City Plant. 53 people were arrested last May in a similar action.

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photo © Robyn Haas