Father Kim and Reverend Lee released

Rev. Lee Jeong Hoon got released with 1 year suspended sentence , 2 years probation and 100,000 won fine.

He was arrested with Fr. Kim Jeong-Wook on March 9 when they broke the fence. Thanks to them, many people could enter the Gureombi Rock at the time.

(April 4 photo by Baek David Yongeseok of Rev. Lee Jeong-Hoon)

from Simone Chun

The Korean government has announced the release of Father Kim and Reverend Lee from prison, allowing them to serve the remainder of their sentences under house arrest.  The Korean Association of Christians released the following statement following the government’s announcement:

“While we welcome the release of these two men of God from imprisonment, the Korean Association of Christians will continue to do everything in its power to resist the unjust construction of the naval base in Jeju, and to protest the undemocratic, heavy-handed and oppressive measures taken by the government against peaceful men and women.  We will continue to hold daily protests, peace masses and prayers at the planned construction site until the government abandons this project, which threatens to forfeit our freedom, our culture and our right to self-determination. We appeal to the world community for solidarity and support.”