Your letters needed to support activists in prison

insideout1-300x297Nuclear Resister summer prisoner support bulletin

Please write to judges and officials this summer in support of six imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists. Invite some friends over and sit down to write letters together, or perhaps you can include it as an activity at your peace group’s next meeting.  Click on the links below for information on the support actions needed.

You can also write a note of support to these and other activists behind bars (addresses here).


Greg Boertje-Obed, Sr. Megan Rice and Michael Walli are in jail pending sentencing in September in federal court in Tennessee. They were convicted in May of sabotage and depredation of government property for their disarmament action at the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex at Oak Ridge last summer, and face up to 35 years in prison. They ask that supporters sign and mail a prepared postcard to the judge, or review these guidelines and send him a letter.


Justin Colby and Kimberly Rivera were each in the army when they realized they could not participate in war. Both are now away from their families serving time in military prisons, and letters to their commanding officers will support their motions for sentence reduction.  Please read about Justin’s and Kimberly’s individual situations, and where to send letters to their commanding officers.


Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier’s request for transfer to a prison closer to his home and family was denied last spring.  In 1977, he was framed for abetting murder while defending traditional indigenous from threats (including uranium mining) on sacred lands, and sentenced to life in prison. At this time, President Obama is the sole person with the power to grant Peltier his freedom. In prayer to the Four Directions, the Leonard Peltier Defense–Offense Committees (LPDOC) of the U.S. and Canada have joined together on a new campaign asking supporters to “HAND-write a letter or postcard, putting your voice, your prayer, your demand in physical evidence form… These letters will be held in repository until 2014, when they will be hand-delivered in a visual and physical representation of our demands, through a very special LPDOC event.” Details and address for your letters are at